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    If I can give you one tip it would be to not look down on those that do choose to get plastered - especially during freshers week. It's the first time a lot of these people have been away from home with no curfew and with a whole load of student loan burning a hole in their pocket. Some people are going to get stupidly drunk. It isn't nice to feel as though someone is looking down on you for getting drunk. Just feel quietly smug that you don't have a splitting headache the next morning!
    The great thing is you can try so many different things at uni before you settle down into any kind of pattern or routine and you will find a group (or groups) of people that you have stuff in common with.
    Please don't worry

    OMG. Disaster.

    You sound exactly like me, i'm gonna be 17 in my first year...

    except I wouldn't mind drinking, I'm just not old enough!

    (Original post by Maya10)
    just relaaaax it aint that bad ull learn to adapt its not like you have a choice right

    i mean if worse comes to worse , ull have araaaabs to hang out with and those who are like religious and stuff so no big deal

    Don't generalise, fool.

    I know Arabs and they drink, alot.

    Old topic is FFS OLD.

    Those who have not yet been to uni - it is not the same as college or school.

    You'll find that it's rare that people have a tiny circle of BFFs that they make in their first term.

    You have to learn to be independent. Get involved in the societies that suit you and then you automatically have something in common with people.

    Don't stress too much that other people all seem totally awesome together based on drunken facebook clubbing photos if that's not your thing. You will find people that you get on with after a while and even if it takes a little longer, you should be busy enough in your day to day life that you don't need constant company.

    I'm the same too!

    I pm'ed you this. but ill post it here for others

    Hello, Loony.

    I'm Matt. I am at University of York (Please come to us ). Basically i am writing this to say you are just like how i am, but in the past . But i will share with you my experiences.

    If you are upto changing your habbits ( how you are now ) and are up for being more soicalble it will work, i promise you this. This could involve with just making friends, Joining societies, Living in accomidation ( which im only saying because you said both durham and york which are close and makes me feel you won't live in ) this is a complete must if you want the most out of coming to university, or even doing bigger things like running for a position in your college or something.

    If your up for changing go for it and you are most likely thinking right now this will be **** scary, yes it will but you will love every moment of it and you will gain confiendence.

    Let's hit the alcohol thing now, i personally wasn't bothered about drinking and had never being to a club before coming to york.

    I give you two options, this first:

    This is if you are into drinking or willing to get involved to some extent. I would really recommend doing so as it boosted my confiendence just being with new people constantly when you out. I was ******** my first experience of a club and i don't know why. i went in the end i was drunk to be honest and had a great night with my flat and stick ( ill explain soon ).

    The second option

    At york they do make some activites within freshers week period ( when the big buzz about lets get pissed ) these include like film nights etc, this is more limited but if your up for soically i would recommend you hang around the common rooms and just chat to people.

    Both options you will make friends and have fun but i recommend either just have fun and enjoy yourself.

    Also the whole drinking thing isn't forced on you, you can come out and not drink. you may get the odd question "why don't you drink"... just be truthfull and people will be ok.

    Stick's ( York university )
    These are people that are given to your block or flat which look after you in the first week, get you involved with things etc. Our's got us involved with the other flats, had games and stuff before going out etc.

    My like ending paragraph is basically, have fun how ever you do it, the drinking thing isn't a huge issue but people make ask etc, you can go out without drinking just i wouldn't recommend ziggys ( a club ) without some form of alcohol :P.

    Societys/flat mates and course are the main places you will make friends but if you just say hello and chat to as many people as you can in week one friends will be made. don't be shy to do this as everyone is lost in week one and its accepted to randomly chat to strangers but after then it all dies down ( including the drinking ) people still go out etc it all depends on your friends and flat etc

    Please come to York we need you !

    My question is why don't you drink?

    (Original post by imhiya)

    I'm Matt. I am at University of York (Please come to us ).

    lol that sounds funny
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