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    does ANY1 have the mark scheme for the aqa AS level physics june 2009 paper????

    hey there do u have the paper for june 2009 Physics unit new spec

    Q1.a) k.e = 8*10^3 J
    b)g.p.e = 8.7*10^3J
    c) k.e - g.p.e = 700J lost as heat due to friction and other resistive forces such as air resistance
    d)time = 20s
    e) avg.force = 54.4N

    a) 22,000*9.8 / 4 to get tension in each cable = 53900
    b) 22,000*9.8*32m = moment of force
    c) clocking wise or anticlockwise moment frm counterweight will make the turning effect = 0 so the crane will not topple over
    d) 22,000*9.8 / 4 = Force .. tensile stress = force/area
    so 53900/3.8*10^-7
    e)young modulus for steel = 2 *10^11
    so rearrange the young modulus equation to get e=FL/AE where E = young modulus and then u get 17mm

    b)1.77 ms-1
    c)too long, juss say liquid applies a resistive force against the motion of the ball and as it moves its velocity becomes constant(terminal velocity) after deceleration due to resistive force so resultant force = 0 or balanced out and relate to newton's first law. i wrote more but dnt remember

    a) coz the graph does not show a straight line(changing gradient) thereforce no proportionality between the force needed and the extension of the cord frm its natural lenght.
    b)whtever tht was i juss wrote the graph comes back to origin so no plastic deformation, the cord can b easily stretch and return to its original lenght.
    c)area under the graph= work done as it was force agaisnt extension graph
    d)juss tell them how to carry out the same exp

    a) i dont remember my answer
    b) c=f*wavelenght
    c)dnt remember my answer

    a)sin-1(1.45/1.55) = 69.3 degrees
    b)angle of incidence does not exceed the critical angle so light is not internally reflected
    c)data security, cladding prevents light frm escaping and entering other cores or fibre optics so tht confidential data like bank accnt details dnt arrive at the wrong destination and be stolen. fibre optic becomes wet or scratched data is still protected by the cladding

    a) 45 degrees
    b) theta = 90 degrees so using the formula dsine(theta)=n*lamba
    put in 90 degrees and make n the subject to get n=d/lambda and get 2.83 which is max order therefore no order higher than two exists.
    c)5.67 * 10^-7 or sumthing.

    posted on another thread. may be useful for most questions

    (Original post by pavmufc)
    does ANY1 have the mark scheme for the aqa AS level physics june 2009 paper????
    Could you post the paper pleasE? :yes:
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    sorry ppl i thought my m8 had it but i misunderstood him... he sed he had the biology june 2009 paper
    does any1 av the physics june 2009 paper though????
    shakzz198 are those the answers to the june 2009 physics paper?

    does any1 hve the paper???? plzzzz
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