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    Hi there,For years upon years I have wanted to bang my head against a brick wall due to other half's disorganisation.I was just wondering how people cope with it? Whether they have been able to change the partner or just stuck it out and accepted that not everybody is perfect?For example, this weekend I was left waiting around for two hours by my b/f because he could not be bothered to pick up a phone to tell me there was no longer a need to hang around to pick him up but that he was coming by car. I had a spare train ticket which I sent to him in the post to use and he was willing to use it to save money - I said I would pick him up from work and take him back to my parents' house.2 hours in to waiting - (which I was willing to do as I had work to get done/window shopping/friends I could meet) he tells me he is coming by car. So the train ticket was wasted.He also came to see me for 3 nights without so much as packing a pair of pants/jeans/clean shirt. So he wore the same thing for 3 whole days!He's am absolute monster for organisation and it does get in the way of things as I am left to organise absolutely everything and I don't want to seem to be mothering.How do I get around it?He knows it is annoying but never works on sorting it out.

    Ewww no clean clothes for three days?! I don't know how you would sort out this problem as my other half is very organised. Have you told him how you feel? This doesn't sound like bad organisational skills it just sounds like pure laziness. Tell him you have had enough of it. Tell him you are sick of having to wait around.
    I think you should be firm but not bossy because he will hate it if you start acting like his mother. If he forgets to bring clothes when he stays at yours, suggest that he leaves some spares at your place. Tell him that if he keeps being late then you won't wait for him. Don't bother waiting around for 2 hours for him to get his ass in gear, just wait for ten minutes, call him and then if he doesn't answer drive off and do something else with your day!!!!

    I'm disorganised. :dontknow:

    I am completely unorganised and my girlfriend is completely organised.
    For example we went to the Nottingham Tour Day, I was just going to turn up and see what happened and she had this whole list of what we were going to do, all the times she had done both of ours. If she hadn't I would of been completely lost.
    I love her organisation, and I think she loves that I depend on her organisation because it makes her feel even more wanted. (Though don't get me wrong, she knows she is wanted anyway!)
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