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    Obviously, the US and other such places would be even less homogeneous by definiton, but in terms of the traditional "established" nations, I definately think that the UK is the least homogeneous.

    I go to a college in a not particularly diverse area of South West England, it's the sort of town you see very few non-white faces, there's a few Polish here and that's it.

    However, despite the towns apparent lack of diversity, even amongst the people I know, and aqaitances of people I know, when I think about it, the diversity of surnames and ancestory is actually quite high.

    It's not something I've ever thought about, because everyone I know if with a foreign surname or ancestory all act very "British", and you can't tell them apart, but of people I know, and frends of people I know, at my college alone there is:

    One person half Croatian, one half Chilean, one fully Russian moved to UK at young age, two half Swedish, 4 half Polish, 1 half Czech, 1 half Greek and 1 half South African and these are only people that I directly know, or have friends that directly know. So I can only assume of people I don't know very well at college there are more, and I'm not even sure if I've completely remembered all I know of even now.

    I don't want this to turn into a debate over immigration, but the level of diversity even in a relaltively "undiverse" south east england town is quite high, and I can only assume in even more diverse towns the frequence of people with some foreign parenthood is even higher, and even in my undiverse college, taking an educated guess I'd say were looking at 10-15% having some recent foreign ancestory. If the trend I've expereienced is similar elsewhere, then I would be willing to bet that some schools in places like London and Birmingham are quite possibly looking at 50-60% of pupils with some form of non-British background.

    Could similar things be found in most countries, or is Britian particularly "unhomogeneous"?


    (Original post by ak56)
    Could similar things be found in most countries, or is Britian particularly "unhomogeneous"?Cheers

    In big cities Britain is fairly heterogeneous but go outside of larger cities and I wouldn't say it particularly diverse.

    China is pretty damn varied, so is Russia for that matter now that I think about it. France or Italy as well. Perhaps even Germany.
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