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Government adverts targeted at us – dreadful fail! watch

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    (Original post by whitepearlbaby)
    Anyway, to the original post: I don't agree with those adverts, either. Those people who are targeted aren't interested in the government anyway.
    And the stupid Chlamydia campaign has gone too far: When I went to the GP, the nurse practically forced me to have a test. I didn't want to make a scene so I did it, but I did argue with her at first because I simply didn't need a test. And there's posters everywhere asking "do YOU have it?". I'm really fed up with it.
    I completely agree with you.

    Although completely off topic, I recently went to the GP after I had injured my ankle playing football, obviously they had applied the typical ' young lad' stereotype on sight; I was shocked how many times I was asked to do the test; for example in the waiting room I was asked three times if I wanted a Chlamydia test and like your self was very patronisingly (and embarrassingly) asked “Are you sure?” “You never know”
    And then the doctor asked twice if I wanted one, honestly do they get commission or something?

    The Chlamydia campaign has gone way to far, here in Manchester its all over the backs of busses, bus stops and huge posters on the sides of buildings not to mention the 500 adverts per day on the telly; if someone came from abroad I would imagine they think we change sexual partners with our clothes!

    (Original post by Muffinz)
    Parliamentarians mostly come from privaleged backgrounds, and the mean age is ~50. Of course they're going to be out of touch with what teenagers are really like.
    Yes but they don't make the adverts, they just decide there should be one. Its the communication teams that do the advertising, at thats only if they haven't outsourced to a private firm. So blame them for the shoddy adverts.

    Just because you guys don't speak in slang, have unprotected sex, drive drunk or on drugs or whatever, doesn't mean nobody does. Few adverts are only seen by their target market.

    (Original post by whitepearlbaby)
    I told her that I've been in a relationship for nearly three years. "YOU NEVER KNOW11!one!!1!!" she says, handing me a testing kit.
    chlymidia is sneaky you noes :yep:

    (Original post by Aphotic Cosmos)
    Government advertising is necessary to raise awareness of some issues, but I do find some of their campaigns to be completely and utterly patronising. Now , I may just be speaking as a geography student here, but when I saw that advert in the cinema with the dad telling his daughter a bedtime story about global warming, I couldn't stop facepalming and sighing. Do they think we're all idiots really? I mean, it wasn't even targeted at a specific demographic - it just treated everyone in the cinema like a complete fool.
    I quite agree.
    I really dislike that advert.

    (Original post by L i b)
    Quite. My GP seems to operate on the assumption that I'm out having unprotected sex with a new partner three times a week. I really hate to disappoint him sometimes...
    If my GP had expectations like that of me I would probably humour him sooner or later.
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