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adult learner retaking gcses help please watch

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    Hi all,
    I am starting an access course in september, but need to retake my gcses in maths and english (as i only got grade d at school), I am 36 years old , could anyone give me any advise on the best way to go about retakes please, can I study for them on my own and just apply to aqa to take the exam?, or do I have to study at college?, also does anyone know if the adult certificate in maths and english that learndirect offer would be equal to gcses or not?
    sorry for longwinded post but dont really know where to start ,I want to try and get the gcses before the access course starts as it will be hard to do them at the same time (I have 6 children at home so fairly limited in evenings i can study at college)
    any help greatly appreciated
    lou x

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    For english, it is possible to study the course on your own but to be honest, I would find it quite hard. If you feel confident that you will be able to cope without classes then go for it. Otherwise, I would recommend some college classes as English is one of those subjects which are tricky to self teach. I find that you need to be taught some of the things.

    As for maths, this is probably more self teachable and you could easily pick up a text book and work from it if you can't free up time for classes. However, if you feel that you would be better off being taught it, then I would again recommend getting some college classes.

    If you wish to self-teach, you can apply for the exam once you are ready. Just go on the exam board's website and browse throught the list of centres. Call some up and ask if they will allow you to sit your exam.

    I'm not too sure about the certificates, sorry.

    Good luck.

    You can take GCSEs from home, but you need someone to authenticate the coursework. This is usually done by a distance learning or private tutor. There is also the option of doing an evening class. The FE College near where I live has started to offer these during the day, so it might be worth making enquiries in your area to see if anything simular exists.

    The Adult Numeracy and Literacy Certificates at Level 2 are the equivelent of a GCSE at grade A* to C, but they do not have universal recognition as such. This means that the GCSE is usually the safest route, so that you do not run in to any problems in the future.

    hi i was just wondering if anyone know a place where i can retake my english/ science and math gcses from home quite cheap im 18 and having a child so it would be quite hard to go to colege i would probably be on benefits so that could help with payments. if anyone knows of anywhere i would be gratefull

    (Original post by erniiie)
    hi i was just wondering if anyone know a place where i can retake my english/ science and math gcses from home quite cheap im 18 and having a child so it would be quite hard to go to colege i would probably be on benefits so that could help with payments. if anyone knows of anywhere i would be gratefull
    Visit the adult learning service on your local council website to see whether they offer the GCSEs near where you live (they offer GCSEs in Art, Spanish, English Language, English Literature, Drama, Music, Human Biology and Mathematics at the middle school just up the road from me, for example); I would advise against taking them at home as you need as much support as possible, especially with a baby on the way, and you may not be eligible for funding if you are a private candidate.

    Assuming you are on Jobseeker's at the moment, or at least income support when your baby is born, you should not have to pay for the GCSEs either, though you will have to discuss this the council when you apply. Best of all, since the adult learning service is for adults most of the classes have limited contact time, and they usually do not class either, which means you can take multiple GCSEs at the same time. For example, where I live the classes are: Monday 19.30-21.30 (English); Tuesday 11.30-13.30 (Spanish); Tuesday 19.00-21.00 (Human Biology); and Wednesday 18.30-21.00 (Mathematics). The course is over 30 weeks which is why I stress going through the formal way with the council rather than doing it all on your own. You should be able to get some help with childcare (if you need it) while you study.

    Quote my reply if you need any more help.
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