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    i am taking sociology IGCSE in june 2010 . i have no idea how to study this subject . my dad has offered to help but i don't know what i should do in the first place. this is the first year in my life to study sociology for goodness sake . many people told me that i should write notes but i have no time cuz i can barely manage my time to study other subjects as well as the fact that until now i have only memorized sociology and i know it is the wrong way to learn this subject . the teacher has only one chapter to teach us and we'l be done and after that we'll solve past paper questions .

    i would really appreciate it if u guys give me any advice abt how to study this subject in my situation as well as how to actually solve the past paper questions. oh , and tell me how to let my dad help me .

    i want help from anyone plz , i am desperate and i really need it

    i hope u answer me as soon as u can :o:

    dnt write lyk dis durin teh exam n u will b ok. :o:

    gosh i found you!!1
    ok dont freak out... well you see ive been dyinnnggggg to find some one on the net to help me through sociology, actually help each other..
    im taking the subject as a private student, and its killing me to the bones, because i still didnt study anything, and im the only one taking the subject in the entire school.
    yeah... nobody seems intrested in learning something new in here.
    and it requires discussions bluh bluh, you know, all what you've mentioned, and jeeeee youd save my life, haha ok in a way..
    reply reply repllllyyy, i just signed up and seriously, it would be more fun to get to study the subject with some one... and discuss it
    and you could email me which would be greattt
    [email protected] m
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    u did freak me out .lol.....jk

    anyways i am too busy to sign in my e-mail , i can barely stand all the tuition classes i'm taking.
    plus i don't really know how we'll help each other cuz i NEED help myself so i wouldn't really know how to help u

    anyways um idk but i guess u ask me any question and i'll try to answer u and ivise versa ^_^

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    People i need help and u haven't answered me for a whole month....come on plz answer me

    ok what u need to know about sociology is that mostly, answers to questions will not be directly answered in ur textbook while sudying u are going to have to analyse the answer so there is no specific answer or difinition so u have to know what is suitable for u if u can complete in it or no because not all people do. my sister was the best in sociology but i bave to take IT. good luck

    http://sociologywoo.blogspot.com/ - I'm putting together revision notes here. Under development, eventually I will put up tips and exam model answers etc. Hopefully it will be able to help.

    Okay so this is for future people who are unsure of how to answer socioogical essay questions

    Basically to answer 15 marks (or 12 marks) I use the method


    Here's an explanation

    Intro = BRIEFLY EXPLAIN the topic you will be discussing int he essay and the main points you will highlight on

    BODY = Use the method FOR then AGAINST. Your for points should correspond with your AGAINST
    FOR, (1)
    AGAINST (1)
    FOR (2)
    AGAINST (2)
    ensure the against point argues with the for point above it

    Conclusion = end your essay with a strong point that either agrees or disagrees or in fairing on the fence with the questions asked


    1. Make use of examples (ensures u at least get 2 marks in one point)
    2. Use sociologists to explain your points e.g. when answering a crime essay Cesare Lombroso's study of criminals can come in handy to develop your points well and offer examples
    (I suggest making a booklet with all the sociologists and their topics or studies. e.g. Philip Aries study of youth/children, Anne Oakley study of gender socialization)
    3. Forget simple language, use more sociological terms.
    4. Spend less time on the first questions and focus on the 15 mark but DONT NEGLECT THOSE EASY QUESTIONS
    5. DO NOT SPECIALIZE IN ONE TOPIC It may seem like a god idea but understanding all the topics given allows u to choose what questions u want in the exam and leaves you less stressed ( I PROMISE)

    For 2 marks their just example and definition
    4,6,8 and 10 are often and explanation of something or the advantages and disadvantages of something

    For studying, case studies are fun to read and often give good examples. Watch videos, read reports that are interesting, makes Mindmaps, Flashcards or information sheets
    and make your notes colourful or doodle relevant stuff in your notes if your visual
    ( i wouldn't have read any sociology if my book didn't look like a rainbow)
    move while revising
    speak to yourself if your audio like me
    recall not memorize
    listen to calming music (I like k-indie or k- folk because I dont understand the korean lyrics and the music is BOOOM) - i love kpop okay

    THERE! I'm basing it off what I do and I hope it helps u
    ( I usually get 12-15 marks in my essays)
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