I mean srsly, with the increasing Political correctness and generally ridiculous rules that seem to be arising like every single year and increasing in absurdness, all the crap about offending religions and races so holidays' have to be banned and the names' changed etc etc

It's minor to an extent but this is how it all starts, who knows if they will say celebrating / displaying decorations for easter is offensive to other religions so must be banned etc etc, it's when the abuse of such powers' is implemented, that's when the seeds of such a government start getting put into place

Britains' already the most CCTV'ed country in the world.... As well as all the strict rules and regulations that have almost banned free speech in the media, offense is subjective so how can you even regulate that? but anyway

and remember the disaster at the G8 summit.... the police having no regard for protesters and treating them all like rioters and kettling EVERYONE for several hours. just ridiculous things like this make me thinking the governments' just becoming more and more corrupt, strict and controlling in our lives

Think of V for Vendetta for an extreme example but yeah, if it stay's like this i need to be outta here be like 2016 or so.... :woo: