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    Well guys I know you have probably seen and heard this a million times before, I have searched and had a read around but would really like some advice.

    I'm in my first year of my degree and sent of my student finance application in June 2009, I received my loan on time (I know I am lucky compared to some) but still have received no maintenance grant. The forms I sent off in June were filled out incorrectly and I was not informed of this until I contacted THEM when I received my notice of entitlement. I then requested new forms and they were sent back off at the beginning of October. At this point I was told it would take another 6 weeks, I waited for 6 weeks and phoned again and kept being told 'another couple of weeks' until the beginning of December, at which point my parents received a phone call informing them that the application was being processed (9/12 I believe). A week later I phoned to check the progress and they said they needed a letter explaining why my mother's income was marked in as 0, which was not requested at all in the application. This was sent off the day they told me I needed one and they said it should come a couple of weeks after Christmas.

    At New Year I sent off a complaint, following the procedure on the direct.gov website and it promised to get back to me within 10 days, still no reply. I find it very hard to belive that they are so happy to put people in this position. My family contains 4 children, and my dad's income is only £26k p/a so it is very hard for my parents to contribute- and quite frankly I don't expect them to- yet I am living off of my part time job wage, where I only work 9 hours a week.

    I phoned them today and they told me that it will most likely be another few weeks before the letter is processed and they keep getting confused between the new forms and the old, incorrect forms, no matter how many times I explain to them that they are wrong. I am feeling pretty hopeless right now and could really do with a bit of advice or help... sorry to trouble you all and thank you in advance xx


    am in the exact same situation here. and so are a few other people in this thread http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...09123&page=100

    its an absolute joke. the amount of forms they have 'misplaced' is ridiculous . i really wonder what sort of people they are even employing there!

    even sending off my dads proof of earnings via recorded delivery didnt help.

    cant offer any advice though but will keep checking to see how it turns out. good luck!

    Last week, they lost ALL of my mum's forms, claiming they never had them, when the main one is the big thick form you send off at the start!

    I was told:

    end of October
    end of November
    just before Christmas

    Now I've really given up. I'm not living in halls, just commuting, and I can live off my loan and a £100 or so in bursaries. I'd just like the grant I'm entitled too (the FREE MONEY!) which I'll treat as a bonus IF I get it, which is alot because my parents income is wayyyy below £20,000

    A lot of forms and information have been lost in the system due to the new scanning equipment which SFE were relying on failed

    It's all in this report published last month following an enquiry into the chaos at SFE last year:


    Hi all, I know this post was created ages ago, but I just wanted to comment. I had an absolute nightmare last year with student finance, I actually can't believe how incapable they are! I was 24 but still living at home so they basically refused me a maintenance grant, although I wasn't receiving a penny from anyone, as I've supported myself since I was 18.

    Anyway, I constantly wrote to them, detailing my financial situation and stressing how much I relied upon receiving a grant. Eventually they agreed to re assess my situation and later I was approved for a grant. They put me in a really difficult situation though, as I used my full loan to pay for my accommodation, plus I had to put about £1000 towards it out of my own money. The only extra money I would then have to live off was from work....and at the time I couldn't find a job, despite applying for tons each day. Nightmare!

    Anyway, I'm basically saying don't give up on them. They don't communicate properly between departments, so never expect things to run smoothly, but just keep at it and I'm sure you'll get anything you're entitled to in the end.

    They have also managed to mess up my application for this year.....due to their communication problems once again! Hmmm I wonder what they'll mess up next year.....
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