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No one to live with?? watch

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    Please keep this anon

    I am in my first year of uni, and thou i am not particularly enjoying it i am going to plan to stick with it next year. I spend alot of time goin back to my family and was intending to live at home next year (that now is not possible.. family moving 15hrs away) as a result i never really thought about living with any of my 'uni; friends. I moved hall a few months into the year and tho i spend a fair bit of time with my new flatmates i dont go out with them and we dont get along that well. They are all living together next year, never asked me if i wanted in but to be honest i dont (they come home really drunk and are messy, and are very immature -i dont have any objection to penis related jokes but they have stuck drawings and stupid signs all over our kitchen). I have friends on my course as well but again they have sorted living stuff out with other people. I got on pretty well with my old flatmates (from previous hall) and one of them comes over to mine once or twice a week so we are still close and i asked if i could live with them if they have a spare room (i am scared of seeming too clingy and pushy so did face it and just say 'can i live with you') anyway last time she called she said they had a house sorted and so she asked who i was living with (i didnt know), but one of the other girls is organising it so she doesnt know if there might be a room for me.

    I am starting to stress out over this, it seems like everyone is rushing. However at the same time the idea of me either renting a room with new people OR living in a place on my own appeals to me. I feel like i havent really met anyone 'like me' at university, and definately no one like my friends from school (whereas everyone here seems to be all "'we're friends for ever blah blah")

    Anyway i would realy appriciate any advice, it doesnt help that i spend nearly all of my time in my room alone. largely because i dont like the drinking and clubbing scene that seems to dominate here

    get out and start making an effort to join socs and clubs/get involved!
    Not everythng at uni revolves around drinking and clubbing...

    I agree, you definately need to go and join some societies and make an effort to meet people. You can't just wait for them to come over to you. You're only in first year as well. You're goin to end up hatin uni if you don't get out of your bubble

    try to post an announce online, sometimes housing agencies propose good house shares, and you can ask to see the flatmates during the visit: that may be a good way of meeting new people & you may get along quite well; anyway;;;; i know this isn't easy but you can perhaps give it a try
    otherwise, i would suggest joining a group, society or club with people sharing your interests so that you can at least socialise a little: it's better than nhing
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    Look through housing agencies or internet forums to find houses with an empty room to let. Thats how I found my current accommodation- through the forum of a housing agency. I didn't know any of the other guys who were living here and they didn't know each other either. However we've been getting along splendidly and all of them have become good friends of mine.
    Point being: don't be scared of moving into a house on your own.
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