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    I like facebook but I do think its getting a bit crap now. Sure its useful for getting in contact with old friend...but I find that I end up loosing contact with them again anyway after a while. The only people I really talk to on there are people that I talk to usually anyway.

    I think it had gotten crap now though because so many people (on mine anyway) use it just to post what they are doing every 5 seconds. Use twitter for that damn it! It blocks up my home page with about a million posts per day from the same like 5 people who constantly update.

    I think Fb has done well to last so long as other networking sites seemed to fall out of favour much quicker.

    It is useful for keeping in touch now my friends and I are scattered across the country - obviously we call, and write actually, each other but Fb is instant and free and easy. I also like to use it for my photos as it means I can keep them all on my external hard drive at home but still have access to the best ones when I am away at university. Lots of the societies here rely on Fb for giving people the information about events and such like too.

    I have my privacy settings sorted so that I can't be found very easily, only friends can see anything of mine and some friends can't see everything such as my younger cousins and photos from racy nights out lol. I even have a few things on there that only a handful of people can see such as a quote thing we did from our holiday last week so that we can see it/add to it etc without everyone else having a nosy.

    I much prefer Fb than Twitter and so I am happy to stick with it for now.

    I like Facebook (because I'm nosy and like looking up what old school friends are doing xD) but some aspects of it are getting a bit tedious now, such as inane statuses like "night night facebook off to bed now" - who cares? And those stupid, stupid groups everyone keeps joining like: "don't you hate it when you're walking to school and a duck starts having a french conversation with you" - what the hell? One person on my friends list has joined 1,400 groups!

    Facebook Chat sucks hardcore, everyone's always going offline/online/offline etc. but I never use it so it doesn't bother me.

    I also don't really care if it's popular or not- although the fact that 10/11 year olds have Facebook is a bit weird, they should be out playing football or something /old person.

    (Original post by Feesh)
    Facebook Chat needs to be improved, every time I get a message it ******* freezes my computer for about 5 seconds, drives me nuts!
    Your computer needs to be improved.
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