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    Can i take two calculators into the A-level maths exam can i take one normal calculator and the £50 graphics calculator into the exam with me for C3?

    I took 3 in once.

    I took a calculator to my English exam.

    You can do as wish as long as it doesn't have stuff like symbolic integration, anything stored, etc.

    Check with your centre/exam board/JCQ website.

    Edexcel are a bit dodgy with graphic calculators so somebody can hopefully confirm that if you are with them.

    Tell us the model and stuff, exam board, so we can give you more detail.

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    the exam board is the wjec and the graphics calculator number is fx-9750GII

    It's best just to check with ur exams officer. I have an fx-9750ga plus and I asked edexcel about it and all I got as a response was check the jcq guidelines. My exam officer said unless edexcel say yes, I can't use it.

    So despite what the guidelines are it depends on the exam officer.

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    FX-9750GII Technical Specifications
    can i use a calculator that does all this??? thanks for the help but im struggling here!!!
    Available RAM/Flash ROM 26KB
    Number and Constant Memory •
    Prior Entry Recall •

    Interface Icon Menu
    Lines x characters 8 x 21
    Screen Size (Pixels) 64 x 128

    Function (Y= Equations to Graph) 20
    Parametric •
    Polar •
    Sequence •
    Constant (X=) •
    Inequality (auto shading) •
    Zoom, Trace •
    Dynamic/Transformation •
    Conics •
    3D Not Available
    Differential Equations/Slope Fields Not Available

    Table of Function Values •
    Fixed Decimal Options •
    Scientific Notation 10 + 2
    Fraction Operations •
    Interactive Equation Solver •
    Simultaneous Equation Solver Up to 6
    Polynomial Root Finder Up to 3
    Complex Numbers •
    Matrices Up to 55 x 55
    Vectors Not Available
    Computer Algebra System Not Available
    Recall and Edit Last Entry •
    Symbolic Manipulation Not Available
    Spreadsheet Capabilities Not Available

    Computer Math
    Calculates in Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary •
    Logic Operations •

    Discrete Math
    Recursive Sequences •

    Geometric Constructions and Transformations Not Available

    Sin, Cos, Tan, and Inverses •
    Hyperbolic Functions •
    Degrees-Radians-Grads Conversions •

    Stats & Data Analysis
    One and Two-Variable Statistics •
    Median, Quartiles •
    Intermediate Statistics •
    Combinations, Permutations & Random Numbers •
    Regression Models 10
    Estimated Values for Regression Graph ••
    Degrees of Polynomial Regressions 2,3,4
    Histograms, Scatter Plots •
    Box & Whisker Plots •
    Pie Chart, Bar Graph, Stacked Bar Not Available
    Number of Lists 36
    List Length 255
    Inferential Statistics & Probability Distributions •
    One and Two Sample Z and T tests •
    Chi-Squared, Anova, F Tests •
    Z and T Interval Tests •
    Distributions (p.d. and c.d.) 7

    Numeric Differentiation / Integration •
    Symbolic Differentiation / Integration Not Available
    Maximum, Minimum •
    Inflection Points Not Available

    Formulas Not Available
    Interactive Equation Solver •
    User Defined Functions Not Available
    eActivities Not Available

    Degree-Minute-Second<>Decimal Degree •
    Polar<>Rectagular •
    Metric Conversions •
    Formula Solver •
    Periodic Table Not Available
    Programs Available for EA-200 Data Analyzer •

    N, %, I, PMT, PV, FV, Amortization •
    Amortization Schedule •
    Interactive TVM Solver •
    Interest Conversion •
    Annuity Due & Begin Setting •
    Day/Date Calculation •
    Recall of Financial Values •
    Cost/Sell/Margin •
    IRR, NPV, PBP, NFV, Cash Flow •

    Power/Unit Dimensions
    Auto Power off •
    Batteries - included 4-AAA
    Battery Back-up 1 Lithium (CR2032)
    Size (inches) HxWxL 15/16 x 3-9/16 x7-3/16
    Weight (ounces) 7.6 oz

    I have a calculator that does a good percentage of the above listed things and I take it into exams.

    These are the detailed rules on calculators for WJEC A-level Maths:
    6.7 Calculating Aids
    (i) The calculator must be of a size suitable for use on the desk at which the
    candidate will attempt the examination.
    (ii) The power supply for the calculator is the responsibility of the candidate andmust be integral.
    (iii) The working condition of the calculator is the responsibility of the candidate.
    (iv) A fault in a calculator will not normally be considered as justifying the giving of special consideration to the user.
    (v) Calculator cases, instruction leaflets and similar materials must not be in the possession of candidates during the examination.
    (vi) Calculators must not be borrowed from other candidates in the course of an examination for any reason, although the invigilator may provide a candidate with a replacement calculator.
    (vii) Programmable calculators may be used but no prepared programs may be
    taken into the examination room. (Information and/or programs stored in the calculator's memory must be cleared before the examination. Retrieval of information and/or programs during the examination is an infringement of the regulations.)
    (viii) Candidates are responsible for clearing any information and/or programs
    stored in the calculator before the examination.

    Calculators which have non-numerical functions or give non-numerical information are not permitted. Such prohibited facilities include data banks, dictionaries, language translators, text retrieval and calculators with facilities which are capable of carrying out symbolic algebra. The use of any calculator which is capable of communicating with other machines for sending/receiving messages is strictly prohibited and the use of such calculators by candidates will be regarded as malpractice.

    While your calculator model isn't one that I know of personally, from the specification that you've posted it looks like it should be fine. Importantly, it isn't capable of symbolic algebra.

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