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    A vehicle is travelling at 24ms-1 and then decelerates uniformly. It travels 48m during braking before coming to rest:

    *The average speed during deceleration
    *The time taken before coming to rest
    *The deceleration of th evehicle

    If the vehicle is now travelling with twice the speed, then comes to rest with the same decelaration, calculate:

    *The new time taken before coming to rest
    *The distance travelled whilst braking

    PLEASE HELP! I have to admit, this is homework and I really dont understand the question! PLEASE......

    You need to use the constant acceleration formulae, suvat.


    You know "u", the starting velocity and you know "v", the ending velocity (it is zero as the vehicle is coming to rest). And you know s, the displacement. You can calculate "a" from these three by equation (5) on the wiki page.

    For the second question you know v and u again and now you also know a so you can use (1) to find the time and then (3) to find the distance.
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