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    I'm struggling with an essay question:

    Critically analyse the concept of shareholder limited liability, clearly distinguishing it from, and explaining how it complements, the separate legal personality concept.

    I have to write 1500 words on this!? :-S

    If anyone could give me any help at all it would be greatly appreciated!! :erm:

    WHat have you come up with so far? It may help people to reply to you if you show us what you've already got and where you are stuck =)

    Read RK's post, he talks sense :p:
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    TSR Community Team
    I'll be honest and say from the start I don't know enough about this topic to help you, but I'll hopefully help you position your question better so that others with the knowledge in this area can help you out so you're able to go off and write your essay.

    What is it you are struggling with? For example, is it knowing what some of the terms mean? Do you need help with knowing how to strucuture essays?

    If you let people know what you've tried to do already with your work, such as any plans you got, or the direction you think you might want to go with it, then the could be able to guide you on from there so you're able to go away and write your essay.

    Also, we aren't sure what level of education you're at - that could make a difference to both who and how people can offer advice.

    Just remember that you'll be able to get tips and advice here so you can go away and do your own work, but won't get so much help that it means you aren't doing the task yourself and learning from it. Best of luck with the essay

    I'd seperate this essay into two parts.

    First part explaining precisely what the two principles are, and explaining how separate legal personality relates to limited shareholder liability. This shouldn't be too difficult if you have a firm grasp of what the two principles basically mean.

    Second part critically analysing shareholder limited liability. There's an awful lot of material you could use in this part, personally I'd struggle to keep the word count under 1500. You only really have time to address the key points, such as screwing over unsecured creditors particularly tort victims vs. shareholders in large companies have little input or knowledge of day-to-day management; and economic benefits of limited liability vs. its abuse: shareholders reap the economic benefits of companies performing well, so surely they should bear at least some of the risk?
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