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Muslim protests they don't want you to see!!! watch


    (Original post by MaceyThe)
    Police making a running retreat and being humiliated by a bunch of angry Muslims screaming "run you kuffs," "Allah Ahkbar," and repeatedly hurling traffic cones at the police from a close distance in a way that would get anyone else arrested.

    Gets interesting around the 3 minute mark:

    Note how the police, (instead of pulling out and arresting all the violent marchers,) instead just keep running backwards?
    You'd think these sort of scenes would make national press? Certainly would if it was "the far-right" wouldn't it...... the press would have a field day....
    Every sign of weakness to aggressive Islam is an invitation to become ever more demanding. They see we're not ready to stand up for our selves.
    Notice the hippy student trying to calm them, the silly girl hasn't got a clue what she's got herself in to.

    Here's another:

    Anyone who watched "Under Cover Mosque" will know full well that many of the so-called "moderate" mosques are encouraging violence against non-Muslims, Jews, homosexuals etc, and will know the guy Steve Gash who is interviewed makes a valid point, yet still the journalist asks loaded questions to try and portray him as an ugly/nasty/Islamophobe.

    The 1,000 or so angry fanatical Muslim youths running riot down British streets are - of course - the victims in all of this.
    They only feel threatened by the presence of 20 anti-mosque campaigners, sorry, "far-right extremists," and lashed out in defense because they're scared and nobody listens to them. Bless.:rolleyes:
    Notice too how it was the Immans at the local mosque that the police had to turn to try and quieten the protest (as they did in France with the riots there.) Worries me that the Immans have more influence than the police and British law and order....

    Like what you see?
    Well get used to it, because this is the Britain your children and grandchildren will to have to grow up in thanks to mass immigration.

    I think all our ancestors that fought so hard and in good faith for this country, would TURN IN THEIR GRAVES if they could see how our beloved government is giving away everything they fought for, and encouraging in followers of one of the most oppressive, dogmatic, intolerant creeds on the planet that is quite OPEN in its totalitarian agenda for Britain, thanks to an ill thought immigration policy. :mad:

    (Puts on hard-hat and ducks for cover.)

    I agree but I would just like to say how society has gone downhill in the last 10 years in my opinion and I think it's awful. Just to clarify I am a well educated (BA,MSc,PhD) from a top 5 uni and from a middle class family but in the last few years I have turned from been a tory to a member of the EDL as well as voting UKIP and probably BNP in the general elections. I am not racist per se but it's the only party who talks sensibly about immigration...especially EU immigration.
    This government has made the UK public racist through their actions, I never used to feel this way but with the English people been constantly undermined and having the p*** taken out of us then this is the result.
    1500 schools where english isn't the first language, nurses sacked for wearing the cross, somalians in 8 bed mansions paid for by the taxpayer, the eu (say no more), immigrants raping english women so they can GET INTO jail as it's a cushy number for them.
    I had 20 somalians run at me chanting "scum, scum get off our streets"....that's when I started believing in the EDL....and my interview to get a UK passport!! I'm 31, have lived in the UK all my life and that was disgraceful whilst there are Muslims there answering half the questions ok then when it gets hard suddenly they can't speak english and their husband appears.
    The UK had better stand up for themselves now before it's too late!!!!!!
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