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    A car of mass 1200 kg is being driven up a straight road inclined at 5 degrees to the horizontal. Resistive forces acting on the car total 1960 N.

    a) Draw a diagram showing all the forces acting on the car.
    b) The car is moving with constant speed 15ms^-1.
    i. Show that the tractive force produced by the engine is 2985 N.
    ii.Determine the rate at which the engine is doing work.
    c) The engine has a meaximum power output of 60kW. Assuming resistive forces are constant, find the maximum possible speed of the car up the same slop, it its initially at rest.

    Well i solved all the other parts except part b) ii...

    what i did was dat i used the formula Power = F x v

    and used substituted F as 2985 and v as 15.. but cant get the right answer please help anyone ...thankss

    2985x15 + 0.5mv2 ?
    Maybe. I'm not entirely sure but I think you add work done + energy.
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    I triedd ...but the answer is tooo big thanks for the help though
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Updated: January 19, 2010
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