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    I'm having a nightmare of a day. Would appreciate any help. Please bear with me.

    I've been having weird vagina symptoms for ages now, a few years, and have been tested countless times for different things. Last summer, I started to get some light pelvic pain and a slight 'pulling' sensation in my pelvis from time to time. Concerned that it could be PID (despite the fact I had a full STI screening, as did my boyfriend, early in 2009), I went to my GP who basically thought I was a hypochondriac. She did a set of swabs, they all came back negative and she told me to stop worrying. I carried on worrying, as something just didn't feel right. I had a second set of swabs done, they were all negative too. The Dr told me it was impossible to have PID when I had no infection that could cause PID.

    I stopped thinking about it for a while until around October 2009 when I started to get what I thought were thrush symptoms. I treated it with Canesten, but right after that I needed antibiotics for a tooth infection. The 'thrush' came back, and to be on the safe side I went to get swabs done to make sure it was nothing serious. The doctor sent me away with Canesten without looking at me. It didn't help, so I went back again in a week, she didn't have time to take proper swabs (??), so she took low vaginal swabs. The results were negative, but I wasn't convinced, so I went to the nurse for high vaginal swabs, they too came back negative. When she called with the results, I specifically asked about the BV/bacterial vaginosis result and if there was any chance I had PID (as I'd read they can be connected), and as told no, she was very condescending and told me not to wash with soap down there or wear tight jeans. Now feeling like a hypochondriac, I decided to leave it for a couple of months to see what happened.

    I made an appt for a sexual health clinic for today, thinking I'd rule out once and for all having an infection. It was supposed to be a routine thing, so I was shocked to discover I had bacterial vaginosis, and the doctor thought I also was likely to have PID, as I was in HUGE discomfort from the speculum entering my vagina. Imagine the shock and frustration of (probably) ending up with something so totally preventable, something I'd been sure I had and was fobbed off for ages. How can this be possible? Is it possible that all the tests I've had for STI's (4-5 sets this year) and BV were all wrong? Is it possible that I suddenly got BV and it became PID in just a few weeks? What on earth is going on here? I should mention I've had 3 sexual partners, all protected and 2 very long term, I'm 24 and have been sexually active since I was 21.

    Have you not discussed this with your doctor/a second opinion/the people in charge/some sort of regulatory body/advice bureau etc. already?

    Hello, your visit to the sexual health clinic will i am almost sure get to the bottom of this. It is correct that BV alone does not cause PID but its presence may indicate an underlying sti, so that is why it is best to screen for all. I assume you have had a Chlamydia swab which is often responsible for PID.
    Pain with deep penetration may also be a warning signal. Try not to worry about it too much, the sexual health clinic is the right place to be seen as they are the experts in this area. Not your GP.
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