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    Anon because I'm not sure who I know on here...

    Sorry, could be a bit of a lengthy read..

    Ok so there's this guy (..yep another one of those threads)
    We've known each other for just over 2 years and liked each other for most of that time, yet never got together officially because just..I dunno.

    Anyway, for at least a year and a half of that time he'd say "I love you" etc everyday... but even when things seemed fine, every so often a girl would crop up, usually one he's met online. There've been 2 that have been serious enough for them to meet up - one they only kissed as far as I'm aware but it didn't work out in the end, second one they were all lovey dovey (ugh..hate that phrase =/) on facebook etc and had sex and again it didn't work out..

    Both times I've had to listen to his problems about them and try and give him advice on make it work with them, though all the while he's still not stopped saying he likes me and that he'd want us to be together if it wasn't awkward with him being at uni

    So after the one who he had sex with (after making a massive issue of how he was worried about sex as he was a virgin, and yet did it with her after maybe 2 meetings..) I just kinda decided to give up on him as he obviously didnt want me that much and although we were still as close in a friendly way, I kissed a couple of guys on nights out over a few months presuming he wouldn't care..
    So where I'm confused is: he acts all distant like he doesn't see me like that anymore, yet he gets all upset/angry if it seems as though I have a chance with someone else

    ... and now I'm pretty sure he likes this girl I've seen him talking to on facebook a lot and I can see where it's going...

    So do I just presume he's sick of me and move on, or keep on waiting around for him? =/ I'm just starting to feel like I've been a bit of an idiot carrying on liking him/believing him when he says he likes me all this time..


    Honestly, this guy likes mind games way too much. Don't get involved with people like that. He wants you when you get attention but when you're single he doesn't make a move. He's stuck too much in teh friends zone. You need to move on and stop waiting around for this guy, I am sure you can find someone much better who wont give you so much of a headache!!

    You htink you like him because he's your 'first love' or whatever but trust me, once you go out there and move on you will find someone with whom you'll have a much better connection and then you'll know!

    You're in the friend zone.

    He keeps you around by telling you all that crap that he cares and so on (and maybe he does in a way) so that he has someone to bounce his problems off and flirt with when things go wrong.

    Of course he'll be angry when you dare to go off with someone else because he's afraid he's losing his grip on you.

    You both need to cut the ******** and be straight-up with each other about what you want. Don't waste your time on something that might never happen. The fastest way to find out is to get a straight answer.
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