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Messend UP UNI big time .. Advice needed watch

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    I am exactly half way through my civil engineering degree and i am going to fail this year.

    I am almost certain that i am going to fail the 4 module exams coming up in a few days, because i have have done 0 study. I have had 0 Motivation this year and i cant explain why, i wake up in the morning at Uni and just don't want to get out of bed. I Have however attend virtually every lecture but i sit there like an empty vessel daydreaming. The course is not hard,and i did actually enjoy the subject

    The only constructive thing i do in uni is train a particular sport that im pretty decent at, to such an extent its the only thing keeping me going.
    i think about it most of the time

    I get homesick quite a bit, but that's not the issue I have manned up and half way through, i think one major issue is My house mates they are always fighting its got so bad I don't even bother talk to them, strangely we were all so good mates in year 1.

    And to top it all off i took a gap year before uni, So if i drop out this year i will be 2 years behind.

    Im thiking i would be happier going to my local uni (brunel) which is a bit **** !!

    Well, which university are you at now?

    Have you attempted any problem sheets?

    There's nothing wrong with being behind. It's perfectly acceptable to make mistakes when it comes to uni!

    Try contacting Brunel to see if you're able to transfer, Brunel is a good uni and it ranks well for engineering (http://www.brunel.ac.uk/courses/ug/c...lityBEng-MEng), and it's also a good uni for sports so it fits both of your criteria.

    Don't be afraid of going to a lesser ranked uni, I chose Royal Holloway over York and didn't regret it Also, I'm 2 years behind as well and I'm not the eldest so don't worry!
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