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i'm miserable watch

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    here goes... I need to know if I'm being unreasoanble here. I'm doing a degree and finding it very stressful, to the point where I can't even face going into lectures because I'm so afraid of failing. I feel like all the people on my course are better than me and I don't fit in. I'm doing a typically snobby degree and not from a background where this would be expected.

    To add to this I live at home so don't have any housemates etc. to rely on. I met this guy recently and he is lovely,my little bit of escape from everything.I stayed at his last night, and my mum called me this morning and said "why aren't you at uni?" ... me "its 2pm I finished at "10am"... mum "like i'm supposed to believe that, I know what you were doing last night" hangs up.

    I think I'm old enough to get myself to class on time, regardless of who's house I'm at... She is so controlling,ANYTHING I do that she doesn't approve of means she tells me to "**** off" or she just won't speak to me.

    I think I am quite hard working, I have a part time job as well as studying full time and I do more hours than I'm supposed to, in order to support her, not to mention we're basically living on my student loan...
    She spends all her time distracting me, if I'm reading a text book she'll say "quick you have to come see whats on TV" and it will be the latest dress or something irrelevant. She also makes me help her with her work, and if I say I don't have time she makes me feel guilty, despite the fact I have three times the amount of work she has. It's gotten to the point where I have no interest in university depsite the fact the course I am doing is what I want and I am hard working and concientiuous, I appear to be failing.

    I actually feel scared to be at home and I'm dreading seeing her... All of the things she makes me do and that I do to keep her happy makes it really hard for me to study just because of the small amount of time I have left,I don't know what to do anymore...

    I need to pass this year well I am the sort of person that If I fail I won't go back next year and I will be so disappointed in myself.
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