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Taking a Year Out of medical school before completion! - yay or nay? watch

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    Okay this will be a long email but I am sooo confused and I would appreciate some advice.

    Setting the Scene:
    I am a year 4 medical student at Imperial College London, currently doing my BSc in Management (which i enjoy greatly) and so have another two years before graduating as a doctor. I had a bad year in Year 1 - found it hard to settle in etc and had to resit 2 exams out of 5. I passed them well in the end and have been doing okay in year 2 and 3. But the truth is I am not happy with my progress, I feel like I have not reached my potential and instead there is a complicated web of conflicts/thoughts/problems from childhood that I feel are in the way.. At the end of Year 1, I spoke to my Tutor who recommended taking a year out.. ever since then I have been considering it but never actually went for it. Now I have decided for sure, that I want one definitely before I start Year 5. However..

    ...I have completed term one for Management. Exam week was last week and I don't think I did great. Chances of getting a first are zero I believe. Chances of getting a 2:1 are okay only if I do reallly well this term.... so my options are:

    Option 1: Take a year out now. Come back in October 2010 to redo Management BSc

    Option 2: Take a year out now and come back exactly the same time next year and start again where I left off.. (though I wouldnt do that if I have really rubbish marks)

    Option 3: Continue, soldier on with and complete Management BSc and get whatever class and then take a year out before starting Year 5. I spoke to the Head of Management BSc (who is your typical rough dude starting out with nothing and doing reasonably well in Avon before leaving them and lecturing at the business school.. he has a very abrupt no-nonsense kinda attitude) who said that companies or institutions don't really care about your degree class but more about which university you come from.. and so in his opinion, i shouldnt worry too much about not getting a first.. what are people's thoughts on this?

    Basically I just want to know what are people's experiences of taking a year out? generally good or bad? I have lots of ideas for mine, involves getting a somewhat decent job e.g. healthcare organisation, research of some sort or maybe even a company if I get lucky. I have plans to do some travelling but mostly self-improvement courses, improving on other language fluencies, charity/community work.. i just feel i lack lots of skills i can gain which will give me more confidence at university...

    What do people recommend?
    Many thanks

    I'd take Option 1. If you don't think you've performed well during your first management exams, it's unlikely that your marks are going to get better if you don't take time out to deal with your problems. Taking a year out now means that you can restart your management iBSc afresh, and hopefully get a much better grade in it than you would get it if you carry on with it now.
    I'm only applying to university now, so can't really advise you on gap year stuff... hopefully someone a bit older will reply
    Good luck with everything!

    just noticed that this thread is quite old... what did you decide in the end? xx

    They are not massive fans of you taking years out of medschool...

    And what does your bsc actually mean in the end? if you want to be a dr i dont see it will be that important.

    i.e. i suggest just doing your bsc then continuing with med
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