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Is taking two foreign languages at A Level too much? Watch


    There is a girl in my year who is doing French and Spanish, as well as Biology, Chemistry and Maths for A2. She is, however, the smartest person I know.
    I've heard that people generally do do more than one language for A Level as if you are looking for a career in languages then the more you can speak the more beneficial it is.

    Random fact... she's applying to uni in Republic of Ireland and despite being raised in Northern Ireland her entire life, because she was born down south they require her to do A Level Irish as well as French and Spanish. poor cuttie :L

    I do French and Spanish, it's actually not as bad as i thought it would be. Quite a big difference at first from GCSE to AS in my opinion, in terms of grammar/tenses. You should be fine if you put the work required in.

    (Original post by SaveItForTheMorning)
    I study French and German and have no problems, like twilight-imagine has already said, studying two has actually in some ways given me less work because most of the ideas and concepts are the same. The hardest thing with languages for me is the fact that I have to have an opinion on a lot of topics that I'm not particularly knowledgeable about or interested in. By studying two languages at A level it means that I will study a topic (immigration for example) and form an opinion in my first language, and then use that same view or opinion in my second language but just change the language which I am using to express that view.
    I don't find that French and German are confusing really as they're quite different. Obviously every now and again you will muddle your words a bit but that happens in your mother tongue too!
    When speaking exams come around I just make sure I'm organised.
    I have a place on a 3 language degree course next year
    Obviously this all me personally, if you like the subjects then go for it. It is a lot of work but then all A levels are a lot of work if you're aiming to work to the best of your ability!

    What other a levels do you take? I’m choosing to do French German Maths and possibly Ebglish lit as apparently English lit is recommended for a language degree but im not sure if it will be too much work x :/
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