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    Hey guys,

    I'm in my second year and I'm really bad in writing essay. In tests or presentation I get around 70% but my highest mark for an essay was 55%.
    Can anyone help me? How should the perfect essay look like and how do you get good grades?

    Be good at writing essays.


    ^ Helpful but not as much as practice.

    Well not putting swear words in your essay is a good start.

    I've found that essays at university were basically referencing a bunch of writers from different readings and making it make sense .. a huge chunk of my essays are direct quotations along with explanations and relating them back to questions. I usually spend a lot of time reading relevant stuff and making notes and than putting it all together afterwards in a essay layout. I don't know if that will help you but its really helped me

    Always have a good introduction and conclusion, that link to the rest of your essay.

    Make clear points, and support them with evidence, examples, quotations or references to other sources.

    Be obsessive with spelling and grammar, and check and double check your referencing till you're blue in the face.

    Be so knowledgeable about the topic in question that you could write several essays about it with different directions and conclusions.

    Use a wide range of sources; start with an encyclopedia for an overview, then read a few books or chapters of books, plus some journals on specific aspects of the topic.

    Aim to write more than the word count; if you go over, cut it back down, leaving the best bits.
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    Make sure both your introduction and conclusion are concise and succinct. I usually find it's good to split the introduction into three parts, where I discuss the topic briefly, then pose the question I want to answer, and finally outline how I intend on doing so. For the conclusion, it's basically summing up your whole piece and saying 'on the one hand this, on the other hand that'.

    Remember to have distinct paragraphs for each and every thing you're talking about. It's also good to plan ahead with this. So say you're doing an essay about power in international relations (for argument's sake), you'd want one paragraph for each type of power you're covering and then one paragraph for each IR theory's view on what power is and how it's used.

    Don't forget referencing. Reference quotes. References ideas. Just add references in randomly. The more, the better.

    As someone above said, write more than your word limit, and then cut it back. It makes it far easier to improve an essay.

    Also, include examples where relevant, and again, relate it back to the question. I'd say if what you've written can't be easily related back to the question or its link is too loose, then cut it. Far too often the problem is people don't answer the question properly and don't relate everything they've written to the question.

    I'm absolutely pants at them too - but I just write it and then get someone (usually my mum) to help me edit and proof read. If you can find someone with good English and essay skills, they can show you on how to improve and show you where you're perhaps going wrong.

    Hope that kinda helps
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