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What are your short/long term objectives in your life watch


    Today - Actually get to the other side of town to pick up a package that I was supposed to pick up more than a week ago.
    This week -Maybe actually study for my linguistics exam.
    This month -Actually pass my exams.
    Next 3/6 months -Not fail the year and actually raise some money for the summer. + manage to play Layla on guitar.
    This year - Get a better grip of myself.
    Next 3 years -...Graduate? Know what I want to do with my life? Hopefully at that point I've already explored most possibilities(the ones that I'm interested in, that is) and start following a stable plan.
    Next 10 years -I always thought I'd be dead by then.
    Next 20 years - ^...rot happily?

    Today - go to bed before 6am, read the simarillion, learn more russsian grammar, complete level of game, vacuum bedroom, do homework
    This week - revise, finish painting my paper lampshade,
    This month -buy a new winter coat, re-decorate bedroom, go to church once
    Next 3/6 months - a levels, buy a laptop, re-roof the shed
    This year - buy my brother an ipod, uni, buy new clothes, be cool
    Next 3 years -retain morals, attain fluency in another language, be nice to parents and visit grandmother in brazil
    Next 10 years -become a good chemist, marry someone who doesn't annoy me, travel alot, have at least 3 months salary in the bank at all times
    Next 20 years - be good to my brothers, have a couple of children, never exceed 10 stones, avoid diabetes, get a pet llama, speak many languages, grade 4 piano, live and die abroad, bequeath money and house to children

    Thanks OP. That was useful to think about.

    Today - Get my new betta settled into his tank (assuming he arrives in one piece)
    This week - Do my reading for Friday and get some LGBT stuff sorted
    This month - Prepare for LGBT History Month, start work on my new 'scape for my planted tank and work out a decent dosing plan for my new ferts.
    Next 3/6 months - Get a 2:1 in my degree, lose 3 stone and find somewhere new for us to live
    This year - Start breeding bettas (if my conscience will allow), get a 4-5 foot tank sorted, get a job that I enjoy and that will pay for my next degree
    Next 3 years - earn for a second degree, take a few OATA courses, start working on The Plan
    Next 10 years - Put The Plan into action
    Next 20 years - Be happy and hopefully, sucessful.

    The Plan - set up my own aquatics centre, aquatics adoption and rehoming project and small scale breeding project. I aim to breed a lot of my own stock, import quality stock or source from other small-scale breeders and run a little adoption centre for water critters who are unwanted, sick or disabled. I want to educate people on fish-friendly ways of keeping pet fish and why things like flushing fish or putting loads of fish in a new tank are bad.

    (Original post by GoblinSoul)
    That sentence is hilarious for some reason. :p:

    By "flushing fish" do you mean disposing of them after they die? Why is that bad?
    Well, for a start it adds additional physical waste to the system that is unlikely to break down in transit and thus could end up causing a blockage. Secondly, it risks introducing diseases to the water supply and thus to local aquatic life. Thirdly, the fish may not be dead and thus this causes a great level of stress and suffering. Fourthly, some people intentionally flush live fish.

    A lady came into work and admitted to flushing her sick male molly to "put him out of his misery". Nasty way to die . . .

    Today - Get overdue assignment in. Not started.
    This week - Seduce someone. It's going fairly well.
    This month - Find jobs, both short term and long term
    Next 3/6 months - Try to reduce the debt I'm running up.
    This year - Have my own flat, or at least a very comfortable one shared with someone I genuinely like.
    Next 3 years - Be secure in where I live; have acquired some nice things and have a decently paying job. Travel properly.
    Next 10 years - Properly on the good ol' property ladder (yes, a lot of my ambitions are for bricks and mortar)
    Next 20 years - I really don't have a ******* clue. Don't think I haven't thought about it, I really have - but beyond a comfortable lifestyle economically and, I suppose, good friends and a job I can tolerate... well, I don't really need much more. Is that enough? Maybe it is. I don't know.

    Today - Arghhhh try and walk up the stairss. Destination bedd!
    This week - Ermm getting what is rightfully mine; )
    This month - Buy an ipod, get a contract and a laptop!
    Next 3/6 months -Hhm, get paid. Voluntary work. &MORE.
    This year - Woahhhh ermm, practice my faith better, achieve in everything i pursue and last but not least get meself a boyfriend. Loneliness is a drag lol.
    Next 3 years -Hopefully be at uni, acieving best possible and studying(_) Still not made up my mind.
    Well theres another objective!(: x
    Next 10 years - Hopefully have a job, not relying on no-one cept me and myself. &have a husband by then O.o
    Next 20 years - By this time, a proud mother and wife with a stable family home and a jobb. if I am alive by then lool(:

    My plan involves you all.

    Today - work out why my php code is not working for a client's website
    This week - enjoy the next few nights out
    This month - book Barcelona for March, actually get to the gym, go to Coventry
    Next 3/6 months - finish placement, get a part time summer job
    This year - ENJOY SUMMER doing anything and everything random, including some travelling. Back to uni for second year and start dissertation. Organise New Year plans in advance for a change
    Next 3 years - Graduate, travel a bit, get a graduate job in my career field, move out - buy/rent depending on savings
    Next 10 years - Married with at least one child if not more
    Next 20 years - Still married :p: with 2-3 children, good career, nice house, HAPPY!


    Today - Relax, watch DVDs
    This week - Relax
    This month - Get back into my schedule, get back into reading
    Next 3/6 months - Pass this semester's modules with flying colours
    This year - Pass all modules in semester 2 of year 1 and semester 1 of year 2
    Next 3 years - Get a First in my degree
    Next 10 years - Get an MSc and a PhD, get a research posting outside of academia or work as a lecturer/researcher at a university
    Next 20 years - Work for the British Antarctic Survey in some capacity


    Life is good.

    Today - Get Through Work
    This week - Think About Uni
    This month - See Avatar Again, Work Loads
    Next 3/6 months - Enjoy Myself, Go To London
    This year - Do Everything I Am Wanting To Do This Year
    Next 3 years - Hopefully Have My Plans For My Future Sorted Out Or Be On The Road To My Future
    Next 10 years - Enjoy Myself And Hopefully Acheive Everything I Am Wanting To, Be In A Comfortable Situation
    Next 20 years - Hopefully Love My Life In Terms Of Health, Job, Ambitions

    Today - DO SOME WORK!!
    This week - Revise some more! Also finish extended project.
    This month - Do well in my physics exam
    Next 3/6 months - Get that guy. :ninja:
    This year - Go to uni.
    Next 3 years - Do well at uni, make lots of new friends there, and enjoy myself.
    Next 10 years - Get a good job that I love. DHave no idea what that'll be yet!
    Next 20 years - Enjoy life and make the most out of it.

    I have just realised that none of these options involve me being on TSR. :sigh:

    TSR sub
    TSR mini-mod
    TSR super-mod
    Head of TSR

    Today - Finish this Econ work and do Politics essay
    This week - Catch up on missed exams then sleeppppppp all weekend
    This month - Get on top of training and work again. Back in the Oxford grove, shall we say.
    Next 3/6 months - Actually learn to like 1/3 of my degree
    This year - Decide how the hell I'm going to achieve the stupid dream I have
    Next 3 years - Graduate and formulate a mighty plan.
    Next 10 years - Actually live that dream of mine
    Next 20 years - Be somewhere more interesting than here. If I'm still alive that is.

    To marry soon and stay with my lovely wife the whole life..

    Today - Get a good nights sleep. I'm knackered.
    This week - Complete Uncharted 2. Get a haircut.
    This month - Complete Zelda Spirit Tracks.
    Next 3/6 months - Buy a flat.
    This year - Learn to drive.
    Next 3 years - Get a girlfriend.
    Next 10 years - Co-habit/get married to girlfriend.
    Next 20 years - Kids?

    Not really very imaginative, but that's what I'd like.

    (Original post by punktopia)
    My plan involves you all.
    Care to elaborate? :p:


    Today - Well today has mostly ended but I figure I'll go for a drive at some point.
    This week - Pass CBT next week!
    This month - Settle in well/please employers at new job
    Next 3/6 months - Save lots of money for Uni at new job and make new friends
    This year - Make sure I have as much fun as possible (seeing as this is my gap year)
    Next 3 years - Be on track for getting a 1:1
    Next 10 years - Get a job that pays well with good career prospects and meet someone who I'd like to settle down with.
    Next 20 years - Become comfortably wealthy, marry someone special and raise a few children.

    Today - Get my macro homework done.
    This week - Fill in and send off at least 2 internship applications -_-"
    This month - Get on top of all my uni work.
    Next 3/6 months - Get at least 3 2:1's in my June exams.
    This year - Baaah.
    Next 3 years - Graduated with at least 2:1 and have a decent, stable job.
    Next 10 years - Settled down, financially secure, with a young family.
    Next 20 years - Happy
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