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    Hi again,

    I'm ploughing through international and domestic news stories to select for ze interview and would like an insight, if possible, from one of the "brethren" who've been there and done that.( the interview that is)

    Things I wouldnt mind knowing for example - How far were you pushed on a particular topic? Did you reel off 10+ stories/significant events from around the globe or did they stop you at the 1st or 2nd one?

    Did you choose a can of worms type topic ie Afghanistan, Iraq etc or did you throw in a (semi) significant story from your own back yard

    There are some meaty topics out there at the moment eg Haiti, Afghanistan,healthcare bill, Tsunamis.

    I'm not looking for you to supply me with recommended stories, I'm just trying to gauge an idea as to what you guys experienced and learnt from that part of the interview. :eek3:

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    Chances are it will go something like this

    Boarding officer - So what have you been looking at in international affairs recently?
    Treen - Well the big stories at the moment seem to be 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
    BO - Ah really, tell me a little more about 4 then, how do you think it might affect x?

    ie you will be given an opening to mention what you have think is significant and they will select one. Occasionally someone will have the bad luck to list the same 5 as the previous 5 candidates and the BOs so as not to get bored will ask about 6, but it will still be something big and current.

    Remember that it is one of about 40 they have to ask in 30ish minutes. They will hope you give them 4-5 sentences, or they will dig for them. If you start to ramble and appear to be able to go on, they'll just butt in and stop you. As soon as you demonstrate the boundaries of knowledge they will stop, it isn't a mission to embarrass Although they will quite likely test at what point you are prepared to say 'Sorry, I don't know', and this area is a good one for that.

    When I went through it, they picked out 1/2 issues from what I listed and concentrated solely on them. I found when I was at OASC for the interview (although mine was for 6th form scholarship) they sort of forced me to talk about it in a positive/negative way, and then when they asked for my overall opinion (which happened to be the opposite of the viewpoint they seemed to dig for previously) they picked up on it causing me to panic considerably! It may not have been intentional, because as the above poster states they aren't out to trip you up. They will certainly seize glimpses of self doubt though, as they did with me.

    In hindsight the interview was the hardest and weakest aspect of my 4 days at Cranwell. I was rejected for the scholarship but I'm still considering going through the process again. I have heard they like to see persistence from candidates so who knows what the future may hold.

    TPD has it right on the money.

    To give you an idea, my topics were:

    International -

    US-Colombia-Venezueala tensions
    Ousting of President Zelaya of Honduras
    Iran's nuclear program
    Swine flu
    Scandals surrounding Silvio Berlusconi
    North Korea's nuclear program

    Questions asked - North Korea - Explain a little about the history of the topic, do you feel it is fair and justified that we ask for the denuclearisation of a state when we have nuclear arms ourselves, how do you feel it will progress from here.

    National -

    Baby P scandal
    Lowering of terrorism threat level and the impact Afghanistan has on it
    Postal strikes
    MoD spending, concentrating on the arguments about lack of helicopters
    Trident replacement
    Recession in the UK
    G20 protests

    Questions asked - Baby P - explain a little about the history of the topic, what other scandals arose from the case, what do you think we should do in future to prevent this happening again.

    Hi Guy im going to oasc in a couple of days i have about 10 things ive revised so far on current affairs. I was wondering though do all the subjects need to be serious ones or can you calk about things like the golden globes or the australian open tennis with andy murry getting to the final etc.
    Any other tips you have on current affairs would be welcome too.
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    golden globes is celebrity pish - tennis is sport - you can't really have too much of an opinion on sport. Stick to the sort of real news mentioned above.

    ok thanks
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