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Starting Degree again, not as easy as I thought...... watch

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    Hi All,
    I'm a first year undergrad at University of Liverpool studying Business and Italian.
    I chose Business because well, having worked the last 12 years for various companies, I thought that it would prove useful to bring my own experience into a business degree and also learn more about the infrastructure of an organisation. Upto now, i'm doing really well in the Business. I got 78% for my first essay and 68% for my group essay - my exam is next week. For accounting, i got 42% for my first exam and completed 2nd exam yesterday. I found the accounting pretty hard because im not mathematically minded and it was the ratio's that through me..... Anyway, it's a learning curve so I didn't beat myself up about it.

    I chose Italian because:
    1. I've been to Italy 3 times in the last 12 months and love the place.
    2. I've always wanted to speak a fluent language and Italian is a beautiful language
    I had no previous experience in Italian - ok, I could speak a little like introducing people, asking where a place is, ordering food, introducing myself, where i am from etc etc - all learnt through when i visited Italy and reading a basic language guide. I was accepted by the language department on the basis that I am a mature student who is dedicated, and how I have visited Italy a few times recently and was enthusiastic to learn.

    Usually, the language department don't accept students at degree level unless they have an a-level language already (in any language).

    My first semester for the Italian modules were REALLY tough - especially the grammar, listening and reading tutorials. If im being honest, I really struggled because it was incredibly intense and fast paced. All the other students inthe tutorials already had an A-level language so could pick up the italian pretty quickly, i on the other hand really did struggle. On my grammar test I got 40%, my listening (which was SOLID!!), i got 35%. However for my Italian studies essays - I got over 60% for all 3 of them and failed the last one because I didn't do it because I was that unhappy with the module content and the way it was run - it was way too advanced for me.

    I'm really concerned that if i continued doing this degree, my italian modules would bring down my business mark grades because i am clearly doing well in them - but not in Italian (ok, the accounting was hard, but i won't have to do that module again).

    I would like to start again in September 2010 doing single honours Business. My uni said that unless i got 40% in all my modules from semester 1, then i could swop to single honours business in the second semester of year 1 (what im due to start in 2 weeks). Clearly, i haven't got over 40% in my 2 of my italian pieces of work, so that's not an option. So the Management School (my course is run by the Language school) said the only other option is to start again in Sept 2010. Im prepared to do that but.......................

    I contacted SLC and they said im unlikely to get funding for starting a new degree programme from Year 1. They will only give full funding if the student fails the first year and has to start again in september.:zomg:

    So what happens to then 1,0000's of student who genuinely realise they are not happy from their degree programme and wish to start again? :lolwut: (ie. from business and italian to Business) i mean, it's not like im jumping from Business to Dentistry is it? So these student who want to start again from scratch basically can't because they won't get the full funding? That's quite shocking............ No wonder there's 1,000's of students doing degree's they don't really want to do.

    It's left me in complete limbo.:eek3:

    SLC said i can complete a new application and see how I get on.. huh

    Any advice from people who are in the same boat as me wanting to start afresh or have re-started their degree successfully would be great.

    Many thanks,
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    Yep - this is my first degree. SLC said that they will only provide full funding again (for the same degree program) if i fail the first year. If i want to change to a new degree programme, then they said they wouldn't....
    Did you change degree programme? If so, did you get the full funding? Did you have to pay back any fees from the first year of your original degree?
    Thanks so much for your advice,

    I'm changing degree programme, and institution for 2010/11 and they said it wouldn't affect my funding. I met loads of people at Loughborough who had swapped from doing say Retail in their first year, to then starting over again with Politics or something.

    SLC know many people have a change of heart, it sounds like you were mis-informed or it might work differently for mature students.

    I don't know if that is correct, like the previous poster said I thought you could have one false start.

    Why don't you pop in to your student advice centre or equivalent? They will know for sure.

    Then you could possibly do italian at the uni as a evening course, that way you would still be studying it but could choose the level and work your way up.

    I did level 2 and 3 spanish for a few years during my degree purely for interest.

    Good luck, don't give up!

    Sorry, I am the sam girl who posted the message, just that i had MASSIVE password problems trying to bloody sign in!! so had to create a new account!!

    Dilemma now over My friend who is also starting again in September to a different degree programme phoned the SLC and they told her she will get the full funding as normal. So that guy i spoke to was speaking a load of boll0cks!! I'm really unfuriated because I thought i'd be stuck doing a degree my heart wasn't in for 4 years!!!! Thanks so much for your replies

    Starky - yep I intend to carry on doing the italian of an evening starting from GCSE at my own pace!! hahah.
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