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    I have been puzzling over a variety of careers, and discussing them with people but I just can't seem to decide on one particular route to follow Am taking a 'Gap Year' next year (although I dont intend going to Uni unless I can find a cheap, interesting, beneficial course close to Home ) in which I'm hoping to do some volunteer work (with Animals most probably ), and get a little part-time job (to help pay for my Horses & Driving Lessons if possible ), as well as continue studying for my British Horse Society Stages Exams (to become a Riding Instructor) and train my Horses

    Just so you know what I'm interested in, here's a brief list: Anything to do with Horses, Animals/Animal Care, The Countryside/Wildlife, Photography (mostly of Horses, beautiful Landscapes etc), Writing (i.e I've just finished writing a book about one of my Ponies who sadly passed away 2007, although it isnt published or anything and I dont even know if it's any good ), I enjoy sketching and watercolour painting (although I'm not too good @ it ), Call me sad - but I enjoy anything associated with Ancestry i.e 'Heir Hunters' is a really interesting programme , and I generally like to be helpful whenever I can

    I'm a quiet person although I do enjoy a good laugh Apparently I have a 'gift' teaching kids with Horses (so I've been informed, although I dont really like kids, I much prefer Horses lol). I am honest and I certainly Hope I am Kind and trustworthy, and I do work hard @ whatever I do

    I know the obvious solution appears to be Riding Instruction, but because it doesnt pay well, my Family and Friends -although they say they'll support me no matter what- always try to push me away from that as a main job and suggest I keep it as a freelance job in my spare time I really need a job that will pay enough for me to be able to support my Horses, and preferably allow me enough time to spend with my Horses (and Zoo of other Animals ) and hopefully eventually lead to buying a Cottage in the country with some Stable and Land (although I may have to win the Lottery for that ). I've looked @ Primary School teaching but for various reasons I have been turned off that and being a Vet is completely out of the question as I'm not clever -or wealthy enough - to become a Vet

    My Quals. I've achieved to date are:

    BHS Stage 1 Cert. in Horse Management and Care
    BHS Stage 1 Cert. in Riding
    Health & Safety with Horses Cert.

    Science (Yr 10) - B
    Science (Yr 11) - C
    English Lit. - C
    English Language - C
    Maths - B
    Welsh (Full Course) - A
    R.E (Short Course) - A*
    French - B
    Geography - B
    History - A

    AS's :
    Welsh - B
    History - C
    Geography - D (I know, how embarassing lol)
    I also got a 'B' in a Biology Prac. Exam, but didnt finish the AS Course for various reasons

    A Level in 'Key Skills' or whatever it is

    I am totally @ a loss of what job to choose I have had poor school attendance due to constant boughts of tonsilitis (which is partly why I need a 'Gap Year') but I'm hoping that won't affect me in a career - especially an outdoor career (fresh air and exercise seem to be fab healers ) although I would allow myself to do an 'office-type' job if it's in something exceedingly interesting and in a nice environment :P

    Thank You Ever so Much in Advance for any Help!!
    Best Wishes, ~*Horse_Mad*~
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    (p.s 'Careers Advisors' have not been very helpful to me at all lol)
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    Anyone Please?? :p:

    (Original post by ~*Horse_Mad*~)

    Thank You Ever so Much in Advance for any Help!!
    Best Wishes, ~*Horse_Mad*~
    Blue Cross provide a guide to horse related careers that might help:

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    (Original post by ttx)
    Blue Cross provide a guide to horse related careers that might help:

    Thank You Ever so Much - Very much appreciated!!
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