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    Hey, I've got the exam on January 28th.
    I just want to check I'm not missing out anything whilst revising:

    • Non Fatal Offences
    • Non Fatal Offences Reform
    • General Defences (Consent, Intox., Self Defence, Insanity, Automatism)
    • Reform of 2 of These Defences (We're doing insanity & intoxication)
    • Murder
    • Reform of Murder
    • Voluntary Manslaughter (Provocation & Diminished Responsibility)
    • Involuntary Manslaughter (Unlawful Act & Gross Negligence)

    Am I missing anything else we need to know?
    Do we need to know reform of the partial defences or does that get slotted into reform of murder?
    Do we do reform of unlawful act and gross negligence manslaughter?

    Thanks for help! :eek3:

    For unit 3 you have everything you need up there!
    you dont need to no the reform of involuntary manslaughter, thats been taken of the exam paper! but other than that yep thats everything!

    Good luck!!!!

    Just writing up some answers to the evaluation questions that I want to learn so I have a pre planned answer for each of the 3 potential questions that could come up.

    I believe im right in saying that for a murder/voluntary manslaughter evaluation question requires

    PCA - Murder (Criticisms)
    PCB - Diminished Responsibility & Loss of Control (Criticisms of each)
    PCC - Reforms

    That's all fine, my only issue is how many points/paragraphs to write for each of the potential content, there is so much I could write about but bearing in mind ill have about 25 minutes to write it, I need to make sure I don't waffle on too much so want to go into the exam with a pre planned answer.

    Just wrote an answer up quickly following this structure:

    PARAGRAPH 1 - Murder General Criticism (Outdated language)

    PARAGRAPH 2- Murder Criticism of Actus Reus (Reasonable Creature - foetus)

    PARAGRAPH 3 - Murder Criticism of Mens Rea (Intention issues)

    PARAGRAPH 4 - Murder Reforms (First/Second Degree Murder)

    PARAGRAPH 5 - Diminished Responsibility Criticism (Burden of Proof)

    PARAGRAPH 6 - Diminished Responsibility Strengths (Reforms C&J Act 09)

    PARAGRAPH 7 - Loss of Control Criticism (Sexual Infidelity)

    PARAGRAPH 8 - Loss of Control Strengths (C&J Act 09 - Provocation)

    I wasn't really given any model answers or help on how to structure this particular question, so I would welcome any constructive advice on how to improve it. Im worried that ive possibly spent too much time discussing murder (3 criticisms - general/actus reus/mens rea) and not enough time criticising loss of control and diminished responsibility (only 1 criticism each - sexual infidelity/burden of proof). The essay takes up almost 4 sides of A4, so I cant really make it any longer, as I wont physically be able to write quick enough. I

    f anybody has any sample answers or plans that they wouldn't mind sharing, or just general advice, that would be great... thanks!!!
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