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Financially Independent- worked overseas watch

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    Ok, I am planning on going to Uni to do a BA in October as a (only slightly!) mature student. I will have worked and lived on my own in the UK for two years and 7 months prior to the start of my course and I can prove this (I have lived away from home and worked but for slightly longer but cannot prove it or worked part time). On top of this I have spent 6 months working full time overseas. I know the cut off to be considered a financially independent student if to have supported yourself financially for three years prior to the start of your course. Will I be able to count these months abroad towards my 3 years? I have not lived with my parents for what will be four years when I start my course, and I currently live with my partner. It is so frustratingly close! :eek3: I really don't want to have to wait another year to go!

    Does anyone have any idea about how the process of applying to be financially independent works??

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    Will I be able to count these months abroad towards my 3 years?
    The student support regulations say that they do count towards proving 36 months self support

    Independent eligible student
    2.—(1) An independent eligible student is an eligible student where—
    (k)the student ('A') has supported A out of A’s earnings for any period or periods ending before the first academic year of the course which periods together aggregate not less than three years, and for the purposes of this sub-paragraph A is to be treated as supporting A out of A’s earnings during any period in which—
    (i)A was participating in arrangements for training for the unemployed under any scheme operated by, sponsored or funded by any state authority or agency, whether national, regional or local ('a relevant authority');
    (ii)A was in receipt of benefit payable by any relevant authority in respect of a person who is available for employment but who is unemployed;
    (iii)A was available for employment and had complied with any requirement of registration imposed by a relevant authority as a condition of entitlement for participation in arrangements for training or receipt of benefit;
    (iv)A held a state studentship or comparable award; or
    (v)A received any pension, allowance or other benefit paid by any person by reason of a disability to which the Secretary of State is subject, or by reason of confinement, injury or sickness.


    So you can see, it does not specify work in UK or abroad, just that you were supporting yourself out of your earnings. The 'aggregate' bit means that it does not have to be 3 years in a row, just 3 years (36 months) in total.

    Whether SFE agree is another matter. You need to make sure you submit as much evidence as possible when you apply to ensure that they correctly assess you as an independent student.

    I would advise you to apply on paper using a PN1 form as you will have to send a fair bit of evidence anyway and the PN1 form has bit of space on page 30 for you to write additional notes.

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    Wow what a great link, thank you so much! I am just going to get all the evidence together that I can an hope for the best!
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