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    I'm in the same position i have 2 exams next week, once you start it's not so bad...open the book!
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    I have wasted today, but tomorrow i am going to start and do at least 10 hours to make up for it, and then probably 15 hours or so on monday
    Oh the joys of cramming.

    (Original post by Doober123)
    thaaank you thats soo good yay
    yeah i have some notes on global warming...do u not have the textbook? or cgp revision guide? all the stuffs in there
    OOH do u reckon there will be a lot of graphy stuff? cuz we did the sample material and there was so :s haha
    Yes i have the cgp book but i dont think it covers global warming well. I really think there will be alot of interpreting graphs as this is always the case. Have you learnt and how science works case studies or the practicals yet?

    (Original post by legend_90)
    yeah ive got aqa geog too on tuesday.. are you doing the cycling in guildford one?
    how the hell are we sposed to revise for it? its such a weird exam.. and i have lost all motivation after my C3 exam
    Well, I've just looked at different articles around it, like the road conditions etc, looked at scheemes in other cities and how that'd work in guildford. Done a lot of work with the map etc. There's a few links i can give you if you like....Good luck!

    (Original post by my_anon)
    Yes i have the cgp book but i dont think it covers global warming well. I really think there will be alot of interpreting graphs as this is always the case. Have you learnt and how science works case studies or the practicals yet?
    ive learnt the practicals cuz there are only like 5? the antibiotic one, brine shrimp, seedling growth, PCR and gel electrophoresis!
    but i havent even looked at the HSW! hahha oops! and the exams today!
    time for some crammin!
    for global warming our teacher made us do a project so ive got notes from tht

    One thing that kinda motivates me is this speech from the TV show scrubs " There are no magical fixes. It's all up to you. So get up off your keister, get out of here, and go start doin' the work. Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy." i also listen to binurial beats to kind of help me focus a little bit more. Trust me im a really lazy person , I have Chemistry A level exam in ten days but i haven't even looked at any questions, nor have i finished revising A level. and the AS topics i have revised i have completely forgotten mostly how to do. i say just concentrate in half an hour chunks. like try to concentrate full on for half an hour then take a break and repeat it like that, idk it rlly depends. sometimes to help me i tend to "regroup" which in my little mind means to go away and do something else and then come back and try to do it, theres no point wasting time looking at your book. its just a waste of time, relax or sleep or something and then come back and focus.

    (Original post by rickytickle)
    Don't worry mate you're not alone! I'm in the same boat, geog on tuesday, then economics and psychology on friday! I've got time to revise but I just can't! like now for example, instead of revising I'm on here! Best advice I can give you is to try and get people to scare you into doing the revision!
    what economics like n what do you learn? I don't do it for GCSE but I want to take it for a level. J no GCSE and alevel economics aren't the same but is it hard n complex at GCSE? am not very smart naturally but I revise a lot to get the top grades will I ba able to do this with economic's or does it require naturally intelligence rather than hard work to get top grades? thanks if u reply !!!
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