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would this annoy you? watch


    (Original post by FrancesO)
    ... Do you watch Hollyoaks? :p:
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    Keep anon, they'll see..
    Mine always leave dishes in the sink for literally days on end. Which means I can't do my washing up, so have to take all their stuff out of the sink to wash mine, then put all theirs back in. It happens everyday, they just don't get it. If they left it somewhere where I didn't need to get to it'd be fine.. but in the sink it takes the mick a little bit.

    They use milk, bread and cheese that I buy. Take my crisps and chocolate and steal my freezer food.. and deny it. There's nothing I can do about it, and it's driving me insane!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    anon please because i don't know if they're on here.

    i'm in first year halls at uni and basically little things about my flatmates are really starting to bug me. mostly, they'll use my stuff and leave it out for days after - but it's things like plates, knives, forks and glasses, that they obviously have themselves, i think they use mine so i'll wash it up which i find really annoying. i don't know if that's petty of me or what, but i resent the idea of washing up after people who constantly use my stuff without asking. one always drinks milk out of my glasses then leaves it for so long it basically solidifies. it's disgusting!

    i don't know if i'm being petty or have a right to be annoyed. it's not a massive issue, it just frustrates me when i go to get a drink and have no glasses left because they're used them all and left them out dirty! lots of my stuff have gone missing too, like glasses, cutlery and mugs. would you be annoyed? what would you do?
    or just share your general flatmate rants!
    That is annoying. You shoud keep your cultlery and stuff in your room so they can't use it and if they ask why (i'm gathering that you've already asked to wash up) tell them you're not their maids.
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