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CANNABIS: Good or Bad? watch


    (Original post by little_penguin)

    Bassman - you have a little read around too. There are numerous papers questioning the balance between medicinal use and the long term effects, plus it is used in lower doses than the stuff on the streets. Increased appetite seems poor justification for the possible negative effects to me, there are other meds that could have this effect. You still haven't shown me the effects for AIDS pts...
    you are really stretching things.

    you think munchies = eating more = OBESITY?

    cannabis has actually been linked with weight loss, which i don't really believe but it certainly hasn't linked as a cause of obesity. more like alcohol....

    and as far as aids goes - look it up yourself http://tinyurl.com/ya6wc5v

    cannabis would not be legal in 14 US states for medicinal purposes if it wasn't beneficial. you are making very weak links out of nothing in your post and like i've said before, there is not a causal link between cannabis smoking and lung cancer. cannabis-only smokers don't get lung cancer and if you bring tobacco into the situation then that's a different issue altogether.

    again, the whole skunk thing is ridiculous. saying that it is stronger than weed. skunk is weed. it is strong weed, it is well grown DANK weed. the kind of medical grade marijuana they use in america would be called skunk here. it is just a term thrown around by politicans and the newspapers as scare tactics. there have been varying strengths in drugs since the 60s, believe me. there was dank around then and there is dank around now it's no different.

    you need to know what you are on about before you start arguing! (not just you little_penguin but everybody making judgements about topics they are not clued up on.)

    take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_cannabis

    Might as well try to recover this thread than create a new one.
    It's not good for you, but i don't think that's reason enough to constitute it being illegal. As far as i'm concerned people enjoy it and should be allowed to smoke it. It should be given similar sort of rules to alcohol reagrding its use.
    The money brought in from it being taxed would be invaluable, it'd reduce people getting involved in criminality (in addition to reducing money going to criminals), it would save the police countless man hours and it'd make many users very happy. Users will always be able to get it so I think society might as well benefit rather than criminals. After all, just because something is legal it doesn't mean you have to do it if you don't like it.
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