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    Are the subjects taught for IB harder than A-Level? What are your views on IB?

    Please do IB rather than A-Levels. The marking has been inconsistent as of late and has been criticized because of its slightly weaker standard.

    Yeah, IB is harder. Not just that, but if you do the Diploma, you have to slug through your Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge course, any CAS hours, applying to universities, and the list goes on...

    Courses like IB European History and IB English are far superior to A-Levels and AP, and even the courses that are slightly easier compared to AP and A-Levels (MAYBE Biology and Chemistry) are significantly more thorough because of increased course material (eg. the options).

    I love IB, even though I may not have the greatest marks in the world (everything's above a five, though ), but because it will prepare you really well and give you a good education. BTW this is coming from someone writing examinations in May and who stays up consistently until 3 AM just to study and complete things. If you don't like that, DON'T DO IB.

    Peace, and if you need more advice, just PM.

    I heard that A-levels is more in depth, because you only chose 3 subjects. Whilst in IB its 6 subjects so its far less in depth, but IB is harder in every week because there are so many coursework, and don't forget the IOP, EE, TOK and all that...

    oh and cas ==

    (Original post by lolhenry)
    Are the subjects taught for IB harder than A-Level? What are your views on IB?
    It depends on the subject. Generally, HL is roughly equivalent to A-level, and SL is more like AS, but the difference is that AS is about half the syllabus, whereas SL is usually the HL syllabus with the harder bits taken out. For some subjects A level is more in-depth than HL, but in Maths for example, the SL syllabus is more like A level. HL is more like Further Maths.

    IB in general is awesome, even though I'm slightly biased :p: It's a good course if you're fairly able, willing to think for yourself, and it helps to have a wide range of interests. (It's not true, by the way, that people who know what they want to do and can specialise should do A levels, and that IB's only for the indecisive. It's perfectly possible to do a science baccalaureate, which is what I did, or an arts baccalaureate, although the former is slightly more difficult if you're ONLY a scientist.) Be prepared to work hard though, as you've got six subjects/EE/TOK/CAS to think about, and the work won't do itself.

    No. The syllabus content is roughly the same across the subjects and they are not less in-depth (at HL). Getting good scores is harder however in the IB.
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