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Advice needed - Weight gain.. watch

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    Hey guys.

    Male, 20, around 5'11-6'0, and about 57/58kg. About a year ago I had an operation that resulted in the weight loss, and it's taken me this long to both get into a healthy state to put it back on and, well, to get the motivation. Though I guess the reasons behind the loss are largely irrelevant.

    Anyway, I've done a fair bit of reading myself, and have looked at Starting Strength, WS4SB, Strong Lifts etc, and I'm at a loss as to what to pick. Does it matter? If it'll change it at all, my goal is for your typical Men's Health model type body.

    I assume that as an underweight newbie, I'll experience some pretty severe DOMS as I get used to the lifts. Should I just work through the pain, or is DOMS something you have to get over before you can lift again? Yes, I know DOMS has little if nothing to do with how hard you work, etc.

    Diet wise, I live off a meal made by my mother (nearly always healthy, with meat, veg etc), and copious amounts of whole milk, oats and peanut butter. I assume that even if I was only getting the recommended 2500kc a day, I'd still gain weight together with weight training due to my current weight?

    One issue with my diet that I forsee is that due to the health problems and the operation I mentioned, I can't handle sugar too well. Is this gunna be a problem? Essentially, I suffer from this now: Gastric Dumping Syndrome

    So, advice? Which routine (if it matters), how to deal with DOMS, and diet tips..

    Appreciate it.

    Its simple really mate, firstly, don't overcomplicate things

    - if you're just starting out, then starting strength will probably be best. However, so long as you have a compound based routine, you'll be fine.

    - doms, yeh you'll get them for a while. They shouldn't really interfere with your weights as you wont be, say, benching two days in a row - you'll have a few days break, by which time - should have passed. If its still around, then don't be a pussy - work through it

    diet wise - you say you drink copious amounts of while milk, oats and peanuts butter. you probably don't, all newbies think they eat a lot, and I have yet to see one who actually does eat a lot. It depends on you if you'll gain off 2.5k calories, some people do, some people don't. I for one wont. Work out your BMR, and add a few hundred/ thousand calories on top of that.

    You've got it right at the moment though, stick to the oats, milk and peanut butter, and a compound based routine and the gains will come

    I can't really see sugar being a problem.

    You probably havn't got any replies yet because these questions pop up daily, if you had done a search all info would be around already. I just posted because im bored

    good luck
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