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    Ok so here's the story.

    I've had a passion in photography since I was about 8 years old when my grandad gave me my first camera. I studied it at GCSE level, then did a Btec National in it at my local art college.

    After college I left, not applying to university mainly as I wanted to have a year out to see what else was about in the world. I had 2 jobs in this time and pissed most of the money up the wall! At the end of the year I had decided I wanted to go through clearing to secure a place at University. I didn't really look at many, and in hindsight, should have researched a bit more. I settled on TVU. Worst decision I've made in my life.

    The course is of elementary standard, and is covering the VERY basics of photography that I had grasped years before. Being the first modules, I thought that this may be normal. I got chatting to some second and third year students asking what the course had to offer later on. It turns out that the majority of it is stuff that I had already covered in Art college.

    I can't even say I'm enjoying the social life. Me being stupid have applied for the wrong loan for London. My accomodation fee's are near on 120 quid a week and I am barely managing to afford that, let alone feed myself of go for the occasional pint. I have a part time job, earning around 100 quid a week.

    Life at the moment revolves around me sitting in my room, working, watching videos and seeing countless facebook status' of friends at other university's going out, partying and on the whole enjoying the course that they are studying.

    I'm tempted to quit and re-apply for next year. I have decent grades so there are a few universities that will accept my application (I hope!).

    I really have no clue on what to do. I don't see the point in continuing paying ridiculous amounts of accommodation fee's for the duration of the year, whilst struggling to live and not enjoying the course I'm studying.

    Do you think that dropping out now is a good option? I can't really see myself motivated to do the work that I have been doing for the past 4 years anyway over again?

    Any help would be much appreciated! And sorry if this is in the wrong section/been answered before etc. Its hard to make a decision from other peoples posted threads as none of them really seem relevant to me!

    Thanks in advance

    finish your year & replan from there.....

    I share the feelings in your post!

    If I were you, I'd start researching where you'd like to go, and start asking those universities about whether they'd be happy to take you on or not. I'm transferring into the second year of my degree at another university beause I'm unhappy where I am. It just meant that I had to contact admissions tutors and ask them about their conditions of transferring.

    Don't worry, it's quite easy to do
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