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    hey, have been looking around on the forums and internet, but cant find a definite answer so i thought id just ask you guys

    ive been doing 3 HIIT sessions a week for the past month now,
    started by goin for 30 mins, which after reading the forum, i upped tempo and barly manage 15mins now(which i think is correct)

    but are the speeds i do correct or should i be doing somethin different.

    At the moment this is my HIIT routine -
    3 mins 9km/h warmup
    1 min 9km/h - 30 sec 17.5km/h repeat until im dead (which is normally 15mins)

    would i be better off changing this or keeping at it??

    thanks in advance

    Running intervals:

    1) VO2 max running intervals:

    3-5 min fast, 1-2 min recovery - repeat for 40 minutes.

    2) Anaerobic intervals

    hill sprints outside


    track sprints (e.g. 200m repeats with short recovery)

    you are effectively trying to do anaerobic 200m sprints in a gym.

    it dont work properly, most of the time the treadmil is accerating or deccelerating and you arent running, more just trying to stay on the treadmil.

    it really has to be done outside.

    personally i'd stick to VO2 max intervals if i was convined to the gym. i'd do them for 40 mins but perhaps to start with you'd only manage 15 minutes.

    hope that was helpful + good luck.
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