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this sucks. What do i do? watch

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    so last week my boyfriend split up with me, saying he didn't feel the same way about me. This was a complete shock to me as i hadn't noticed any difference with us and he hadn't been acting any differently. He sent me a text saying we should see each other and talk, and when i went round he kept saying how much he wanted us to be friends and how he had really missed talking to me. I've already said that i can't be friends with him but for some reason i can't let go, and i keep wanting to talk to him. I really want to try and change his mind but i know that's ridiculous. But i just can't stop feeling miserable. What do i do? I've gone out and had fun with my friends but when i get home i just feel awful and want to be with him. I hate feeling this pathetic, but it's true.
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    Same position here, opposite gender :-(

    ultimately you would have to move on..especially if he doesnt feel the same for you anymore..i dont get this whole 'he misses talking to you' thing, surely in a relationship theres room for that...but for now all you can do is ben and jerrys, a dvd and a massive spoon..plus its good you're going out and having fun though, thats one of the good way s to move on

    Well he's just not that into you anymore. And it's absolutely heartbreaking I know but the best thing you can do is avoid him at all cost for a month minimum. You'll just cause yourself more pain by trying to be friends with him, you need time.

    And perhaps he does too? He may realise what's he's lost. But if not, then it's time to move on.

    Try not to blame yourself for the break up. It's him, not you, honestly. Maybe you guys just aren't right for each other, I'm sure you'll meet someone utterly amazing later on.

    the main thing is time....time will get rid of the thorts coz there still fresh now. and mabie finding a new love intrest to think about will help, but you will need to find somebody...

    Your future with this lad can swing both ways... he may not want to get back and you will both slowley move on, or he might want you back in future.... but you will need to stay in contact somehow for this to happen. keep in touch, but dont be to clingy.

    All i can think of now.
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