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This Facebook ad about 2012, is it a joke? watch

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    (Original post by RightSaidJames)
    Anyone else notice the referral link in the OP? The OP is basically making money off us by pretending to be stupid.
    LOL, seriously, that is not my site or product. I was just asking what people thought about it, that's all

    (Original post by Batmaz)
    This 2012 stuff infuriates me. Does anybody even know how it all started? It's a Mayan new year (it was just a really really long year). It's like somebody holding up a calendar, pointing at December 31st 2009 and saying, 'The world is ending! There are no pages after this one!'

    The Mayans did predict the end of the world, but they didn't predict that until billions of years after the universe's projected heat death.

    Why doesn't somebody just ask the Mayans? They still exist! The civilisation collapsed, but the descendants still practise the Mayan traditions. I'm sure they could clear this all up right away.
    They actually asked a leader or something from the Mayan descendents, and he said the exact same thing as what you did, its the same thing as december 31st, the mayan calander goes back to 0.0.0.....(whatever). I cant find the link for it anymore, sorry. One of the major theories linked to 2012 was some randomer making assumptions about a polar shift, but he estimated them for something like 2006/7, but when he found out that the mayans were ending their calender, he shifted the date forward to coincide with this, and what do you know, a civilisation that couldnt see their own demise, can see future generations dying.

    The whole story of "the mayan calender ending" is an urban legend gone out of control. The mayan calender keeps going after 2012 but when the western world get a hold of a good ghost story they hold on to it.

    (Original post by Delta7234)
    The world is not going to implode and end in 2012, its people who just twist and manipulate the true facts...

    However.... 2012 is the year that the 4th age of man begins according to the ancient Mayerns (their 4th calendar begins), and also the year the earth rolls on it's axis (as seen in the film) as in fact it is already overdue, before anyone starts trolling this every planet rolls on its polarity axis once every 12500 years to restabalise itself... as earths poles are getting unstable so does everything else (weather, global warming, melting ice packs), so when the earth roles, one place freezes over and becomes the new antarctica and the north pole as we know it will become a new continent. That the theory i;ve heard behind it....
    its all ********.

    (Original post by FyreFight)
    You may all laugh, but ever since following the detailed how-to guide on page 84 of that book, my tinfoil hats have never fitted snugger.

    Guess which of us will be saved when the impending apocalypse comes? :smug:
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