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    Hi everyone, I am a long time lurker but first time poster

    In may last year i joined Sainsburys as a Customer Service Team Leader in Training and I was delighted to be accepted into the job role at my age of 18 after only one previous retail job.

    In my interview I told my interviewer that in September I was starting University and would be able to work 30-39 hours a week flexible to the times outside my uni schedule, she said that this was completely fine and i got the job. :woo:

    When i started i found that within those 3 months i only completed 1 booklet of training and sent on 1 training sessions (- this one training session i came back with lots of ideas on how to develop my dept. but this was discarded as s**t)

    I felt that this was bad and I slowly felt the love for the job dramatically decreasing, I then gained my holiday form and booked holiday in oct and i went on holiday and i was disaplined for going as this was not booked - wtf?!?! I then appealed the descision and this was overturned by the shopfloor deputy manager who said that he thought i was unfairly treated and he felt sorry for me and apologised for the errors in the store.

    I then started uni and i had to alter the flexi schedule i had to fit uni for that week to 17-23 tues to fri then 12-20 on sat but this has now stuck and i am fed up with it, at this point i have to step down as a team leader HAS TO BE 39 HOURS FLEXI!

    I have a new dept. manager and he is now advertising for team leaders and i was told that i could not stay on as team leader and he has gave team leader job to someone on another dept. for 30 hours rgs!!!

    I am sick of being overlooked so i went to the hr/personnel dept and gave my training folder back and said i want to see my personal file and they got very cagey and said the advertised job was 39 hours flexi what do you expect in this job???

    I dont know what to do, I am happy to supervise but i will go down to 18 hours instead of 32 - i only done that amount to stay in my role :confused:

    Please help me and give guidance on where to go next.

    Thanks everyone
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    Why did he say you can't stay on as a team leader? You are only 'in training' aren't you, so technically you're not a proper TL yet?
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    Well i was told that team leaders have to be working 39 hours and as i needed to do 32 hours that was classed as part time in their eyes!

    To be honest I wouldn't want to be working 17-23 tues to fri then 12-20 on sat. When do you do university work? Have a social life? Have fun? Why do you need to work so much? (lack of funding?) Is the pay much different? I remember at Dominos my manager was only getting paid £1 per hour more :giggle:
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    Well I only agreed with the previous manager who has left for maternity to do 32 flexi within my uni schedule but since the new manager came in i have been forced down and into those hours I only kept quiet about doing those hours as i needed a new car to travel from home to uni and work and socialize but now it has been paid i am no longer happy with the situation. I will change my hours to 18 - 20 hours if they are still stubborn. I think there was at least £2.50 - £3.00 difference in the wages and better things to do in the job now i am being slowly mind numbed!

    That's not fair what they're doing to you. In our store on checkouts we have quite a few team leaders who do minimum 12 hours, and as its for university they should change your hours.

    Have you tried talking to managers above your department e.g. store or deputy?
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