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TSR Argument:'There is no point going to university if it isn't in the Russell Group' watch


    (Original post by AfghanistanBananistan)
    Look, the term 'Russell Group' is a little misleading because it is seen by the mainstream media to represent out 'ivy league' and they often call it 'the 20 most prestigious universitires' (according to a recent Independent article). However, we all know that it is just a collection of the 20 biggest reserach institutions and that a few other uni's are research intensive enough to be in there (Bath, Durham, York, St Andrews and maybe Exeter). Although i would argue that that's it and places like Loughborough should not be.

    The point is that the general public have often heard of the group and no doubt it helps going there. You will find that the people on here who say going to a Russel group is not important dont go to one, and those that say it is important do.

    If you look at the list all the big players that have dominated the top 10-15 places in league tables and have the highest entry requirements are there, bar Durham, York, Bath and St Andrews (which are nevertheless small) i.e:

    LSE (sought to join so must be important)
    Warwick (sought to join as well)

    And then the big player red brick's like Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds e.t.c

    It is a pretty good grouping, and if the thread said the 94 group as well then i would agree that going to Russel group (or some 94 group ones) is very important and more of a return on your money.

    People forget here that an LSE study recently showed that going to a Russel Group uni increased your lifetime earnings by quite alot - so it must count for something.

    Nah, I wouldn't put Exeter in there.

    The Russell Group was originally a group of large research-intensive universities with medical schools that met at the Hotel Russell in London to discuss their common interests and have an eye on lobbying Government. A small number of universities without medical schools (LSE, Warwick) were also invited to join because of their research clout.

    Warwick and LSE were also, formerly, members of the 1994 Group but as the various groups became more politically active they had to decide on one or the other, and both chose the RG; I imagine they did so because it's the grouping which clearly has the name for prestige and is often used as useful journalistic shorthand for the top ranking UK universities.

    It's a self-appointed, self-selecting group, and as such it has no official status (any more than the 1994 Group or the University Alliance or the Million+ groups do) but it would be naive to think it has no political aims and doesn't realise (and capitalise upon) the influence it has.

    (Original post by achard)
    Nah, I wouldn't put Exeter in there.
    AfghanistanBananistan was making reference to research intensity. During the latest research assessment exercise (RAE 2008), the University of Exeter submitted one of the highest percentages of staff in the UK. Almost all academic staff at Exeter are engaged in research, and these were submitted for assessment. This means that the university is research intensive. Prior to the assessment, Exeter basically laid off its teaching-only staff. The university is smaller than the Russell Group universities, but that does not mean that the university is less research intensive. Nor does it mean that the quality of the research is of a lesser standard.

    (Original post by achard)
    Nah, I wouldn't put Exeter in there.
    Exeter is full of dumb toffs :rolleyes: - act like they're all that but they're nothing but dumbass stuck up pricks.

    Edit: There are normal people there - i'm just ridiculing it for the reputation that it has for attracting the above characters. I feel for all the normal down to earth people that go there!
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