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Levels of significance-spearman's rank coefficient watch

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    i'm doing unit 4b,AQA Geography on Tuesday but the specimen asks about level of significance:
    'interpret the significance of your calculated value using figure 2'

    rs:0.665 n=17
    figure 2 :
    levels of significance:
    n 0.5 0.1
    12 .506 .712
    14 .456 .645
    16 .425 .601
    18 .399 .564

    from that,how do i work it out?
    n=17 in this case btw.
    I know that if it's aove 0.01 we can be 99% confident in the result and that it didn't occur by chance and 0.05 is only 95% confidence ie 5% likely to have occured by chance but i don;t kow hwoi work it out from that table

    PLEASE help me!??!?!?!

    the Rs= 0.665 n= 17

    so ithe answer is 0.01 therefore we can be 99% confident in the fact that the positive correlation didn;t occur by chance

    now i'm confused here.
    i just had a maths friend explain it but i'm still a bit sketchy :/

    so,we notice the critical values are decreasing. N=16 is .601 whilst n=18 is .564
    clearly n=17 slots in the middle. If the Rs must be equal to or greater than the critical value to be significant.
    Obviously, 0.665 is greater than both n=16 and n=18 so it must be greater than nj=17 aswell,meaning we can say that it is of 0.01 significance,yes?

    is it essentially a guessing game of sorts?

    any chance anyone could explain it to me just so i have a concrete knowledge of it?
    thanks in advance

    I jsut learned this for my AS geography exam last friday

    Basically, your values are:

    rs:0.665 n=17
    figure 2 :
    levels of significance:
    n 0.5 0.1
    12 .506 .712
    14 .456 .645
    16 .425 .601
    18 .399 .564

    As 17 is in the middle, work out what the levels of sgnificance would be (the median of 16 and 18)

    N=17 5%= 0.412 1%= 0.583

    Now, if your value of spearman's rank is more than 0.412 there is a 95% significance that in the real world, your correlation is correct, and if it is above 0.583 there is a 99% significance that your correlation is correct i.e. the results you collected did not happen by chance.

    As your value is 0.665, it is above 0.583 so there is a 99% significance that it is correct

    That is how I was taught it, hopefully you understand what I wrote

    Good luck with the exam!
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