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    LOL? You're implying your overweight, yet your weight says the opposite.

    Basically you want to loose weight? you don't want to become particularily fit, you don't want to increase muscle mass..?

    So Cardio = running, skipping, cycling etc

    Something like HIIT would be useful for you to. HIIT is good for fat loss and quicker than cardio too

    diet = stop eating so much crap. less sugar, less fat, less chemical stuff

    tips: find something you enjoy, such as boxing... climbing or something that has a more interesting background than pure cardio.

    fish in breadcrumbs is fine, white bread isn't great but a bit doesn't really matter, chicken is great. low in fat and high in protein

    I imagine things like crisps and chocolate are the main cause of the higher bodyfat?

    find your BMR, google harris benedict equation and see how many calories your getting a day. Take of 200-500 calories so that you'll loose weight.

    HIIT (if you google it there are millions of links..) is basically high intensity, for say 30 seconds, and low intensity for 1 minute. sprinting/walking.. repeat like 10 times or do it for 20 mins kinda thing, doesn't need to be precise.

    I found front squats good for abdomen, weighted sit ups are great as well. one in particular was where you lie on a bench and hold a barbell, then lean upwards although you're doing a sit up but push the weight up. So you go from looking like you're doing a bench press to an overhead press but your arms are straight throughout the movement.

    I would work out the whole body personally, don't want to look disproportionate.

    go outside and runnnnnnnnn


    don't jog, runnnnn

    and run fast
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