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    I teach guitar to earn money- and its basically this rule (as someone above mentioned).

    If after, say, a month, you dont want to spend more than half an hour, you shouldnt bother at all. Its tough on the fingers at the start- your fretting hand's fingertips will eventually develop rougher skin making it easier.

    I dont play to get better, I play because I love it, whatever I want, even though I'm not progressing that much. When you start, every minute spent playing will benefit you, your getting the 'feel' of the instrument, making it much easier and more natural to play things.

    Dont expect to play like Joe Satriani within a year though, it takes dedication and time. And dont under-estimate the effect of practising scales.

    Edit: Dont expect it to be a chick magnet. Time and time again I've seen guys try and play guitar, or mention they play guitar, at EVERY opportunity- to the extent of bringing their guitar to parties. It makes you look like a right arrogant **** and you'll be hated by every proper musician there

    (Original post by crazedmonkey09)
    That really depends on how far you want to take it. Its not hard in the fact that many songs can be played with a few chords but there is a whole new level (think eddie vanhalen, blues or any classical guitar) which makes it far more difficult to play than other stringed instruments such as violins and possibly piano.

    30 minutes a day is no where near enough, 2 hours is more like it, without dedication you won't progress very far at all. This becomes even more apparant if you decide to teach yourself through books or whatever, in all honesty it may take a year for your fingers to become completely acustomed and without pain to playing. Oh and even the most basic songs will take over a year of practise for them to sound right. Other than that its really great to learn an instrument!
    Yeah, but if you want to become that good you're going to have to do a Jimi Hendrix and practice like 60 hours a week or something. Naturally it's difficult to be amazing at. It's just not a hard instrument to become quite good at. :dontknow: I would guess if the OP wanted to become Eddie Van Halen he wouldn't be asking how little he could get away with practising and what he'd be like in 12 weeks

    If you got the commitment to play 30 minutes each day, constantly challenging yourself, learning new styles, scales, chords, songs etc you will get very far in 3 months.
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