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World Challenge Trips ? watch


    (Original post by weaseldiva)
    Hiya! I desperately want to do wc but my school doesn't offer it! Do you know whether I could do it without getting my school involved and also if not do you known anything I could go on similar to world challenge? Thanks!
    I know I'm not the person you quoted, but you could always look at BSES as an alternative? I haven't used them myself, by I've heard they are pretty reasonable and good for people applying on their own

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    I do a lot of outdoor leading and exploring, and have done some leadership training with World Challenge even, but if the estimates do come out at £6k, that's an obscene amount of money. They would need to be making ridiculous profit margins or packing every day of the trip with activities to the max.

    I'd query the price and see if it's an over-estimate, firstly.

    If you really want to go, then it's fundraising all the way. I imagine others will want to do some fundraising alongside you, so ask your school for support sorting some things out.

    You can ask companies, who will often want something in return - their logo in your photos, something exclusive to them, or just a bit of publicity generally.

    All I can say otherwise is that if it doesn't look likely to happen nearer the time, there will be so much time, opportunity, and cash-saving ways of exploring such amazing places when you're older. A lot of the money here will be going to the leaders and to World Challenge themselves; things are much cheaper to do on your own and you're also in full control of what you get up to, where you go, how long for in each place and so on.

    Fundraising all the way though, and just spend some time thinking of innovative ways of fundraising - it's not all about the cake sales and bagpacking

    I'm starting to get second thoughts about doing this. Im going to Sri Lanka and I'm not sure whether going is worth it or not. It's far too much;£3000-£4000 just for 2 weeks. I'm not sure whether doing WC will help me in terms of getting a uni/job when I'm older?

    (Original post by Jules-104)
    I hope you will reply.
    They haven't logged in for over 7 years, you aren't getting a reply.

    (Original post by Gofre)
    They haven't logged in for over 7 years, you aren't getting a reply.
    Thanks for yours.
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