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    I've been going out with my boyfriend for a couple of months but we were seeing each other before. Since we started going out properly our sex lives have almost turned into nothing. We have sex about twice a week. I have a high libido, but surely his can't be THAT low? I always try and get him interested but maybe he doesn't realise, short of me saying "Can we have sex now" THere's not much else I can do.
    He tells me he thinks I'm the sexiest woman in the world, but why do we never have sex
    I even told him that our new years resolution was going to be to have sex more often, he agreed but since then we've only had sex probably about 5 times, and when we do have sex he only lasts about 2 mins and I don't really get anything out of it.
    I've brought it up with him a few times but nothing seems to help.
    Any suggestions as to why and what I can do to go back to having sex every day like we used to.

    mabie he dosent get hints?

    just....you know...seduce.... lol i supose you do anyway but he dosent act on it?
    i dunno how you seduce but mabie if your just stroking his arms, stomach, legs dosent work, mabie rub him about in the naughty area...(lol i dunno why this is embarrising me) but if you do rub him there to seduce and he dosent react, then well. he isnt intrested and i cant really sugest anything else then to talk bout it...

    my gf is very very faward when she seduces me (infact its mostley her starting the seducing, i should be more brave and risk upsetting her) so my personal experence is just putting your hands in the right places will make him get the message then you just saying you want sex.

    perhaps hes a bit self conscience about the fact he only last 2mins? tbh i wouldnt be going for sex if i lasted that long
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