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    I've got quite a large lump on the skin near my vagina. I'm pretty sure it's an ingrown hair. Should I just wait for the offending hair to pop its way through? Or can the doctor do anything to make it just go away? It's too big to 'pop' (and would hurt waaay too much).

    Also I'm seeing a guy at the moment so want it to be gone before we get down to it


    You might be able to get antibiotics from the doctor. It's been said you can attempt to pluck the hair out with sterilised tweezers but I don't know if it could possibly make things worse.
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    Get a scalpel and cut the 'lump' off. Blood supply to vaginal epidermis is little so it'll bleed very little. Leaving it as is will cause an infection and cause redness.
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    I've had that myself, it's pretty normal if you wax/epilate. If it's sore then let it calm down for a day or two, otherwise it might bleed quite a lot. Otherwise, you could probably squeeze the hair out: when you've just had a hot shower (as heat opens up pores). The hair will most probably come out as well.

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    How big is the lump..? If its much bigger than 5mm I'm not sure it is a ingrown hair... I've had a couple on my leg and just popped them, if its an abcess having a hot bath should make it pop. Otherwise I think you should get the doctor to check it out to be sure what to do with it

    ETA: if its an ingrown hair it really shouldn't hurt that bad to pop it because you need very little pressure as like spots they tend to get to a point where just stretching the skin will pop it
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