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    basically i come from a country from Asia which is currently is having a war with the UK.
    i live in the UK and have been for 10+ years.
    I'm in secondary school.

    for so many years i have been pretending/lying to people and all of my friends at school that i come from a european country e.g. Spain (sorry for not giving the exact details). everyone seems to believe me and there isn't much of a problem.
    the reason why i do this is because i don't want to get bullied or disadvantaged socially in any way at school. I'm pretty sure if i told everyone the truth and they knew where i was truly from they would start getting rude and start to hate me or bully me (people in my school think its fun to make fun of people, they bully people of the smallest thing).
    btw, i only have only hidden this from my friends not the school or anything, so I'm not doing anything illegal (if that is illegal)
    not only do i have a different identity from when i am at home and at school, i also act differently, i think I'm less happier in school and not really able to express myself, i think i do this because i fear or giving away my true identity.

    what i want to know is:
    do you understand why i am doing this and would you do the same?
    what do people think about my situation?
    do you think what I'm doing is selfish and wrong?
    how would you react if you knew me and you found out i was lying to you all this time?

    thanks to anyone who reads this and answers are much appreciated.

    It's weird but I know where you're coming from because there's things my best friends don't know about me which is that my dads family are from a different countr and I talk to my family in that language and stuff and it's embarrasing when they ring me on the phone in front of my friends and I run out of the room. it's just cos where i'm from people are narrow minded on foreigners and really nationalistic. I don't think people would be really shocked if i told them though i'd just go, oh it never came up in conversation or it's not a big deal so i never mentioned it or something like that.

    im curious, where are you actually from?

    you'll grow out of it and become proud of where your family is from...

    or you'll resent your family and culture even more and fully adopt the British culture...

    or a mixture of the two, but you should try and remember that you can be a beacon/model for people from whatever asian country you're referring to...

    right now your representation of that country is "we breed people who are ashamed to take their culture out from the 4 walls of their homes"

    I don't shove my culture down my mate's throats, I've lived here long enough to pass as 'british' but I'm proud to be different and I can't knock where my parents come from, cos I respect and honour what they've done and who they are...

    try and grow up and man up a bit

    (Original post by ScaryKid_ScaringKids)
    im curious, where are you actually from?
    yeah, exactly what im thinking of
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