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    Hey everyone,

    Ive got an interview on the 17th February for PGCE Aberystwyth University and I am so so nervous!! If I'm honest, I have no idead what to expect. I realise that this is probably my only shot to get in to a course this year because by the time I get the decision, my next choice will more than likely be full.

    Has anyone had an pgce interview here and could tell me what its like? Theyve said that interview questions will be designed to assess my suitability as a teacher and will explore my subject knowledge, knowledge of the curriculum and educational system as well as my interpersonal skills. Unless the nerves get the better of me, I'd say my interpersonal skills will be ok- its the other two I am apprehensive about. I finished my degree about 2 and a half years ago so I know I will have to really brush up on this but my knowledge of the curriculum and educational system is zero! can anyone help me? even point me in the right direction as to where I can find out about any changes there have been?!

    Im so sorry this is like an essay but any help or tips anyone could give me will be much much appreciated!!

    Thank you!!!

    Have they given you any information about what to expect at the interview? Some places ask you to do a presentation.

    I've got an interview at Oxford tomorrow, and they told me roughly what the interview will involve (though I still feel really unprepared as to what questions they're actually going to ask!)

    Apparently when I first get there I'll be given an example of a pupil's work to read, to discuss in the interview.
    There'll also be a group decision-making task which I read on here involves looking at a number of different sources on a topic, and discussing which one we would use as a starter task for a lesson. So that's a major part for them assessing your interpersonal skills.
    The individual interview will mostly be about my experiences in a school (I had to do a day of observation in secondary history lessons before the interview, because my experience is mostly in France and in dance teaching).
    I also have to be prepared to discuss who I would choose to teach on, if I had to teach a KS3 class about one person's life, for a whole term.

    Obviously this kind of stuff will vary between universities, but hopefully that will give you some ideas of the kind of thing you might get.

    Read the education news on various websites - BBC, Guardian, Independent, Times, etc. - that should help on current educational issues.

    I'm a bit unsure about the curriculum too, to be honest. I've read this http://curriculum.qcda.gov.uk/key-st...ulum_aims.aspx , but it doesn't really tell you much. I think the main thing to take from it is that they want teachers to "fire pupils' curiosity and imagination" - you need to show that you are the kind of person who can do that.

    Hi there!

    I'm glad i fell on this thread, I'm feeling the same way, I have no idea about what to expect at the interview!

    How did your interview in Oxford go???
    I have an interview there too in march. I also applied for secondary History!
    I haven't received the letter from oxford yet, I only saw it on the gttr tracks website!
    I'm really stressed out about this interview, I didn't know it would be a group interview

    I'm applying from abroad, so I have no experience in an english school! only in france, netherlands and international schools.

    Sorry this is all written in a bit of a rush!
    I would be so greatful to have a little more information as to what i can expect!

    thank you!!

    How did it go?
    I have one a Aber for History this week and a really worried about this written task - what did yours involve?
How are you feeling in the run-up to Results Day 2018?

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