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hatred against ethnic minorities in particular those of the 'M' word watch

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    I hate to make another Islam thread, but this is really affecting me.
    I was on my way home last night and a bunch of thugs were giving this old man so much **** because he was in traditional muslim dress.
    This man wasnt harming anyone, he simply had a beard and a skullcap. They even took his walking stick and threatened to smack him with it. Luckily I was with my friends and we were able to tell them to piss off ad then took the guy to the next carriage, (ofc they all called us 'filthy ragheads' afterward, before chanting EDL EDL) but its still affecting me at how this surge of hate against muslims and even those of dark skin colour is increasing rapidly.

    On facebook there are tons of groups claiming that they are anti-extremist. I agree with this. I ******* hate extremists and those muslims who are trying to force outdated cultural ideas in a modern western society. While I do pray (more for personal meditation) and I know arabic etc, I, like many other muslims today have intergrated very well in britsh society, and yet this factor is briefly refrenced or neglected. Try tell a BNP follower this and they say 'thats ********, your lying I know all muslims want shariah'. The EDL protests in London a while ago were mental, and the result of their hooligan antics meant that my friend who is a student at Kings got severely beaten up on his way back to his flat, all because he was a 'filthy paki raghead'. These EDL people claim they arent racist and they are revolutionaries; they arent. They are racist scum but rather than hating on all minorites, they are picking on the asians and muslims instead. The Islamic extremists are no better, overreacting to every possible thing they can think of, and then having the cheek to say that they are trying t save England. Yet the more they do it the more press they get, and the more it damages innocent people.

    I dont get why the media are encourage this. Do they not get that innocent civillians are getting **** all because of the extremist minority ? When they protested with their ******* plackards, they got media attention for weeks. The local mosque near my house held a week long event showing members of the public what true peaceful islam was about-We didnt even get in the local paper. How can the good muslims who arent stirring violence get their voices heard if the greatest media outlets in the country cant be bothered with them, because it just isnt a good way to sell papers ? The daily fail is one of the most popular newspapers in the country (along with the sun, but Id say the fail is worse) and they have successfully manipulated people into thinking that this ancient religion is nothing more than evil scum run by a paedophile, and that everyone associated with it needs t be shot or deported.

    I am ******* sick of this conflict. I dont care if the EDL and Islam4uk want to battle it out somewhere, I dont care about who beleives what. what I am sick, is the fact that while leaders of these extremist groups can sit back and laugh, innocent people who want nothing to do with the conflict are being hurt unwillingly, and without remorse. I honestly dont know what would have happened to that man if me and my friends wern't there......

    rant over. phew.

    People in the middle of the road get run down when it comes to the clash of civilisations.

    That poor old man.

    I don't actually think we can do anything. Just got to let it pass.

    Interesting post shame that
    the majority members of this forum did not bother
    reading this topic .. or comment .. :rolleyes:

    A little racism never hurt anybody.
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