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Eczema on side of mouth, get rid? watch

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    i have horrible two patches of black eczema on either sides of my mouth

    and that is all left of my eczea

    when i was small i had it a lot all on my legs and on my arms
    that is 100% clear

    all i have left is on the side of my mouth and it looks disgusting

    i've cut dairy down to only cheese a little bit and chocolate reduced, no milk, only rarely in a cup of tea
    but its impossible to get rid of dairy 100%

    hard to descirbe what it looks like, like i've been burnt on both sides of my mouth!

    any cures, all the the doctor keeps teling me is "stop eating cheese" ... its not like i eat it a lot anyway! and it used to be clear on the sides of my mouth from when i was 8 years old to 13 years and then it came back and its not gone since..


    cure me!

    Okay, first off, why is your eczema black?! I would consider red to be the defining colour of eczema. Also, have you tried creams, such as topical steroids? You can buy a weak steroid such as hydrocortisone over the counter.

    I agree with krisblade, you should get some stronger creams to use. Try keeping a thick layer of it on overnight - I know it's hard on your face as you'd move around but you could plaster it up or something to make sure that the cream is absorbed.

    Be careful if you use HC45. It is not really meant to be used on your face other than short term use. The reason it that it contents a corticosteroid and will cause a rebound effect if you stop using it. Plus it can thin your skin if used over many years regularly. I would rub E45 moisturising lotion. It is not greasy like E45 cream. If you get no improvement ask your GP to refer you to the Dermatologist. One more thing if you are female be very careful about any makeup you use. If there is such a thing as Hypo-allergenic makeup then try that.
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